Wednesday, November 1, 2017

June melts into July 2017

June 2017 continued...

The month of June introduced us to a new performing season for the Pizzicato Strings. It's crazy revisiting this because we are currently, today is November 1st, preparing for his Christmas performances. There was a lot to like about performing in the summer. I am a giant wimp when it comes to driving in the winter, so when I saw the locations of various shows, I didn't panic about the possibility of inclement weather. Henry injured his finger near the end of the summer so he ended up missing his final two shows. This was actually a blessing in disguise, sorry Henry, because I was in the beginning of my pregnancy... SURPRISE! I am pregnant! Most everyone knows already, but I haven't made it blog official... so there is my grand announcement. Anyway, I wasn't too disappointed that he missed those shows because I was struggling with life due to my crazy nausea. Highlights of his performing season included the Utah Arts Festival and the Brigham Young Memorial show, pictured below.

Shifting gears... we were at a wedding reception in June and I was totally struck by Eliza. 
She looks so grown up these days and is as  lovely as can be inside and out.
I love her so much and am proud of the young woman she is becoming. 

Summer time always means more time with our cousins!
Aunts and Uncles love this just as much as the kids.
Earning "favorite Uncle" status is easy when you paint your niece's finger nails. 

We made as many trips to the lake as we could and lucky for us;
Pineview is a quick drive from our house. 
It is one of my favorite Utah lakes due to its scenery. 

Returning to violin, here's a look at Henry's show at the Brigham Young Memorial park. 
He was lucky to have the support of Bubba, Nanna, Aunt Liz and her kids. 

We have reached JULY! 

The weekend leading up to the fourth of July was a busy and happy one.
We woke up early and drove to Cottonwood Heights to attend cousin Tyler's baptism. 
After that, we were invited to swim and have lunch at the Schmidt's home. 

We stopped by Bubba and Nanna's to clean up for the Oakley Rodeo. 

We love spending time in Oakley with the Taylors and Flegals. 

Around this time, we met up at Nana Marie's for a family picture. 
Here are a few snaps of the Mays cousins, all together... a rare thing!

Monday, October 23, 2017

June 2017

Hello blogging, my old friend...

It's good to be here; even though I am stuck in a place of perpetual catch up. Life is busy, per usual. A lot has transpired. Concerns I thought wouldn't be mine, at least at this point in my life, weigh heavy on my heart and mind. I long to understand what I am feeling and the impulse to run to my keyboard so I can begin to sort it all out through writing remains. It's a reminder to me that I need to catch up so that the reward can be to write about how I am feeling in my current mood and in that exact moment.

I wish I could just dismiss the memories of our summer and do exactly that. But I want all of the story. It might not be as detailed or as heartfelt had I written things down sooner. That's okay. The pictures do most of the talking anyway, I suppose.

JUNE came. After a busy month of May, I think we were all excited for the change of pace Summer brings. It's an adjustment having your kids home full time for all parties involved. All I know is that whatever struggle occurs getting used to the change; but the time summer ends my heart aches like crazy sending them back to school.

Here's a (long) look back at how we fared in June. I apologize in advance for the lack of smooth transitions between our different activities.

After a series of negotiations, Andrew consented to the idea of having Lagoon season passes once more. We went frequently in June; spending more time at Lagoon-a-beach than we did the year prior.

Family night at Lagoon a beach!

While most of our activities concluded with the month of May, Lottie had her third dance recital to look forward to and prepare for. We had a few weekend practises. Having stated that we had not had enough "Lottie/Mommy time" together, we stole away to Chik-fil-A after one of her practises and shared a shake. She is an entertaining child for so many reasons; and insanely cute too.

Finally, the evening of her performance arrived. 
And just like the crazy person that I am, I went to town taking pictures of my favorite dancer!
It's such an exciting experience;
trying on the costume, rehearsing on the big stage, putting on the make up,
doing the hair, packing the costumes and setting up shop in the dressing room.

Watching Lottie dance on stage brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.
We are so proud of her for working so hard and performing so beautifully.
We LOVE you Lottie.

My friend Harmony came to visit her in-laws this summer
and invited the kids and me to come over and swim. 
It was so, so nice to catch up while we watched the kids swim. 

Henry and a raccoon appeared at the counter for breakfast one morning. 
It made me laugh. They say that you shouldn't feed the animals.
But I did anyway.

This is Eliza and her darling friend, Julia.

We had a very interesting weekend in June when Andrew took 
Lottie and Forrest to the cabin and I stayed home with Eliza and Henry. 

It was strange but also good.
I missed my babies a lot. A lot, I tell you.
The reason we didn't go was so that Eliza could attend her 
Activity Day camp and Henry could attend his Scout Day camp. 

I was reminded me that weekend that I am a worried.
And I don't like taking separate family trips.
But we made the most of it.
One of the days we went to Lagoon with our friends
Carly and Scarlett Wood.
We stayed ALL DAY LONG. 
It was a blast.

The thing that is killing me most about blogging in the past like this
is that I can see that my kids already look a lot older in the few (okay, five) months that have passed since these photos were taken.
Time is a thief!

Lottie and Forrest had a lot of fun with their Dad at the cabin. 

Father's Day happened in June. 

I hate to be obnoxious, but my kids have the best Dad. 
Actually it's a tie. 
Because I think I have the best Dad too.

In April, I was able to attend my Dad's final class as instructor at LDS business college
with Matt, Ami and my Mom. 
We surprised him. It was an emotional day.
What a legacy he leaves.

This photo, to me, represents the thousands of lives he has touched;
testimonies he has helped to grow and nurture. 

Swimming lessons began in June. 
We ended up doing two sessions this summer. 
It was awesome having all four do their lessons at the same time.
Lottie really turned into a fish this summer. 
She figured out diving off a diving board; among other tricks.

Speaking of fish, the Mays cousins came down from Alaska and we went to Cherry Hill.
The scary thing about seeing this pictures is that I had forgotten we even did this. 

As you can see, it looks like we had a lot of fun. 

(the top two photos might be Lagoon)

Holy Moly... this boy has my heart!
He is the cutest!

And it looks like we had some fun cousin time with the Flegals too!

And finally, a few videos...