Friday, April 6, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Living close to family is a great blessing. Being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with each of our families this year was wonderful. It was a first for me as I hosted my side of the family. My Mom did most of the work, I will be honest. Andrew and I simply provided the space! It was also a landmark year as our Alaska cousins were in town. It had been many years since we were all together on Thanksgiving.

Poor Henry; the last to finish his dinner.

Cousin Jackpot for sure

The morning of Thanksgiving, the actual day,
we went bowling with the Mays crew and then jetted up to the Flegal's.
Here are some memories from that day.

(Preschool fun - my Indian Brave)

I am so thankful for all our blessings;
especially my family. 

Fall Happenings

We enjoyed a golden Autumn.

Presenting a batch of miscellaneous tidbits from this past fall.

After being released from young women's, I was immediately sent back to primary to be the chorister! YES!!!! It's one of the best callings I have had. In South Carolina, I had this calling as well. I was on the stand, leading the primary program music, a few weeks after Lottie was born. Eliza was a sunbeam!

Sunbeam Eliza, October 2018

What a sweet little thing!
This fall marked her final appearance in the primary program.
Along with Eliza, 
Henry, Lottie and Forrest were also on the stand.
It felt like a monumental moment for me!

The only person not there was our Dad.
He had to give a talk in another ward. WAH-WAH-WAH!
(At least that's how I felt about it)

Baby sister was there too; in my belly.

Forrest became teary as he sang, Nephi's Courage.
He told me after how happy that song made him feel. 

Shifting gears...
It's been neat watching Lottie learn to read. 

Along with violin, Henry stays busy with Scouts.
Lottie and Forrest are happy when it's pack meeting 
and we all get to attend!
(October Violin costume recital)

Henry at his Mt. man rendezvous.
It was fun to help out with my friend Carly. 
Henry had a great time at each station.
My favorite moment came when the bell for recess rang.
Henry made a point to come hug me goodbye before going out to play.
It made my day.

During the book fair, we had "lunch with a loved one."
Siting through three different lunch times, 
I wised up this year and brought a pizza. 

Having fun at Church

Forrest and I went on a teddy bear picnic with his preschool class. 
He chose to bring Tiggs.

Eliza also had a recital this fall.
Andrew and I feel so much joy watching our kid's progress musically!

She is also keeping busy as a peer leader at school. 

Crazy hair day, Lottie!

Seeing the movie, Wonder!
We loved it!