Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"A Halloween Party" by, Eliza G. Flegal

HApPy HaLLowEen! My name is Eliza Flegal. My mama is off duty tonight, so I'll be filling in.

I hope that you had access to as much sugar as I did these past few days. Man, life has improved for me. Last year, it was all about milk and rice cereal... And this year... oh wow... I've had chocolate, suckers, and PIZZA!!!My cousin Emee was the first one to arrive on the scene.
We got the party started with a serious session of Polly Pockets; followed by a photo shoot outside. I'll be honest, I was somewhat upset that she wasn't dressed up yet. The suspense was killing me. And to think that my Mama considered dressing me up as a drama queen this year. Emee didn't need a Halloween costume to be a star! What an angel...
Did somebody say, Angel?? How's this for angelic? Unfortunately, her pre-school confiscated her devil pitchfork because they classified it as a weapon. True story!Well, it wasn't long until cousin's Katelyn, Brynn and Scott arrived. The reunion was magic. After all, we hadn't seen each other since last Sunday (*gasp!).
Now, if I had to choose between playing with make- up or eating candy... easily I would choose the candy - but make-up is a close second. I thought my cousin Kate looked simply beautiful in her blue eye-shadow. Speaking of cousins, I hear that I have some special Arizaon cousins coming to see me for Thanksgiving! I am not sure what a Thanksgiving is yet, but as long as it involves sugar then I'll be happy....

Mom? There is sugar at Thanksgiving, right?And here is my favorite photo from the night's activities. This is Uncle Mike. He is my Uncle. And he calls me Eleanore on a regular basis. He is a single daddy - (a really, really GREAT daddy, by the way) and if you know anyone (wink, wink) let my Mama know. He's a catch.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Boy or Girl? The Countdown Begins!

Next Tuesday, my extremely full bladder and I will be making our way to the new hospital for our 20 week ultrasound. And, if our baby cooperates, we will be presenting Eliza with either a blue or pink balloon.By the way, can someone in the Salt Lake area, pah-lease tell me the name of the new hospital? Judging from the newscast I just watched, the newscasters need to be filled in as well.

I am frequently asked, "What do you think you're having?"

Unfortunately, my pre-cognitive instinct isn't wired or "in-tune" with a higher source, which leaves me with the response, "Your guess is as good as mine!"

However, I tend to think that I will be producing another girl when I consider that the majority of my dear friends are popping out boys.

So for kicks, I thought I'd name a few of my friends and family that are expecting boys... (Dear friends & family, if I overlooked you in my list making, I apologize and will buy you a slurpee. And remember, just like you, I suffer from pregnancy amnesia.)

List of Mother's who are expecting boys or that have recently (as in REALLY RECENTLY) birthed one:
Anne Lee
Jessica Lebaron
Laura King
Christi Rainwater
Jen Mays
Liz Green
Michelle Flamm
Samye Peterson
Val Housely
Lindsey Coleman
Haylie Redder
Holly King
Karen "I forgot your last name - don't hate me"
Breann Poole (ward friend)
Steph Bletzacker (ward friend)

Team Pink Mothers:
Molly Jones (relative) - all of my cousins produce girls
Callie Jones (relative)
Audra Karlinsey
Erika Cardon (another cousin)
Jackie Halliday

Well, there you have it. Our German friends are convinced it's a boy because we conceived (I don't like typing that word AT ALL) while living on Ermlandweg in Germany.

With that being said, vote in the gender poll. Here we are at 18 weeks (last week's photo).The pregnancy is creeping into my face. If my photos start looking like this:

Please know that my face has gone on blogger vacation for the next four months.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

SCAM, SCAM, TRIPLE SCAM! Disaster Averted!

I didn't know that it was possible to feel SO ANGRY and SO RELIEVED at the same time.

Andrew and I were thrilled beyond words when we found a 1998 Toyota Sienna listed on Craigslist for $2,750. The seller (A.K.A. a son of perdition) responded with the following e-mail:

"Thank you very much for your email regarding my Sienna.
The car is in a perfect working condition. There are no Mechanical, Electrical problems at all! This car has an automatic transmission. It drives very smooth with no pings or worrisome noises. The engine is functioning perfectly. And the tires and rims are used but in good condition! It has 89673 miles.
I am in London with business.
The Sienna is at eBay's Shipping Center in San Jose, CA from where it will be shipped. They will handle the transaction for me.
The amount you will have to pay in order to own the car is $2750 USD with shipping costs and handling INCLUDED. The amount is fully refundable.
Since the car is at eBay I have to do the deal through them.
If you agree with moving forward with the deal please email me as soon as possible so we can proceed with the deal. Also please include your full name and complete shipping address.
Waiting for your email.
Mr. Piece of Crap Liar

(I took the liberty to edit his name because I am sure the one he gave us was false, anyway.)

We responded with enthusiasm; asking him how we should proceed, etc. He replied with an official looking, payment explanation form from Ebay (which in reality, was nothing more than a very convincing crap induced document).

The snake reassured us that we had 30 days to inspect the vehicle and if we weren't satisfied, it would be shipped back to San Jose at the Seller's expense... We were instructed to send our money (cash only) via Western Union to his Ebay agent in London... etc. Believe me when I say that the language of the form was sophisticated and each detail was clearly explained.

Because we believed Ebay was involved - we thought our backs were covered. Not to mention, we attributed our insane good fortune to Tithing blessings (Please note that the blessings of Tithing are real - this experience has not shaken my faith in that fact).

Our families were conned right along with us as we shared our good news throughout the evening.

Tonight, an inspired husband, began to do some research. He discovered an identical listing for this same van in other cities throughout the country. The majority of these listings had been "RED FLAGGED" meaning it was fraudulent.

Next he reads a disclaimer from Craigslist stating that only a scammer would ask you to use Western Union.

Andrew then clicked his way over to Ebay where he chatted live with an official E-bay customer service rep. He informed Andrew that they don't have Shipping Centers PERIOD, that the van wasn't listed on Ebay's site and that we were potential suckers.

The filthy rat also made up a lie that in Europe they don't use paypal. That's funny, because last week, our friend from Germany actually paid us back for a camera using paypal. And that transaction was flawless.

Red flag after red flag... we were duped but thankfully we were led to a level of understanding that immediately humbled us. The blessing is we averted making a huge financial mistake. Needless to say, we're reporting this scammer in every way, shape and form.

I am Not the future proud owner of a Toyota Sienna (don't judge me for wanting a mini-van) and I am okay with that!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another overshare from Ali Flegal (and some Halloween party pics!)


I have a self imposed rule that states:

I, Ali Flegal, promise not to blog during periods of high hormonal imbalance and/or when I am dealing with emotional instability.

I was this close (my thumb and my pointer finger about a centimeter apart) to breaking that very rule at 5:00 am this morning.

My definition of what it means to love continues to change through various life experiences. Maybe "change" isn't the correct word - perhaps it expands, matures, is enhanced? I am not sure. But for whatever reason (probably hormones) I was flooded with this profound (in my book, at least) epiphany this morning as I was watching Andrew sleep.

And the scary thing is - I almost came and unloaded these personal, private feelings to the entire world (it's not like I've never done that before!) and would have embarrassed myself to an extent.

Allow me to back track. At this very moment... Andrew is immersed in an EIGHT HOUR long - comprehensive (past four years of school) engineering exam. He has been studying diligently and reviewing the type of material that would make my eyes bleed, with great intensity.Eliza's been lending her assistance upon request.

Needless to say, Andrew's been a nervous wreck. When I compared his current level of stress to the day I was admitted into the hospital to deliver Eliza, he openly and easily admitted that having our first child was a breeze - a totally non-stressful event - in comparison. And it's true. He was calm and steady (as usual) when Eliza joined our family.

Because I have confidence in my husband's work ethic and intelligence, I haven't been worried about whether or not he'd pass or fail this test. If he doesn't pass, he'll take the test again next Spring - but my bet is he'll pass his first time round.

Last night as we were talking in bed he solemnly and seriously said,

"I feel like I am leaving for war tomorrow." After a moment or two, he lightened up and added...

"And I might not make it back alive..."

I am not trying to make light of those families who really have to deal with those heart wrenching, war-torn separations. But - it was that first comment that altered my perspective. He was desperately trying to convey with words (which is hard for him) how scared he was.

I suddenly was compounded with his stress. I felt a portion of the pressure he is experiencing. My worry wasn't revolving around if he'd pass and how it would affect me, but simply - I was sharing in his nerves. I play the part of "supportive wife"well, but this felt different.

So much that I stayed up until he was sound asleep so I could precisely add up the hours that he slept to offer confidence and reassurance in the morning that he had slept well. I woke up an hour before his alarm went off - and stayed awake - to make sure his alarm went off. In the morning I made sure he downed a bowl full of oatmeal that would stick to his stomach to help him through the first four hour session. His lunch was packed and waiting at the door along with a much needed, "DO NOT FORGET YOUR LUNCH" note (it's been known to happen).

And as we said our morning prayer, I laughed as he prayed that during his test he'd be able to,

"Quick Thinkly" (think quickly)... That's a good sign, right!? The irony made us laugh. Anyway. He left and I was left with his anxiety, my emotionally triggered thoughts (only 10x heightened during that moment) and deep admiration for him.

Our roles are vastly different. He will never experience pregnancy, but does that stop me from sharing with him every ugly detail - both physical and emotional? Certainly not! It's easy to claim his victories and successes as his wife, but along with that, I need to better share in his adversity and let him help me with mine.

Technically, "I knew this" already. This epiphany wasn't new to me, but I truly lived it today and was humbled to realize that I need to continue to make him my #1.

As a Mother, it seems that charity, love and compassion comes naturally. I am not a perfect Mom, but what I feel automatically for Eliza, I still am learning to practice as a spouse. And as I was reminded this morning as I watched him sleep, Andrew deserves perfection.

Blah, blah, blah - stop your blubbering already...

Andrew took the day-off yesterday from studying (as recommended) to relax before today's test. We went to the Grad School Fair at the U of U and then spent the day at the Zoo with Eliza. What a treat for us to have him with us all day. After a nap, we headed to Brittney McPham's house (I know it's Pham but I can't drop the Mc - I just like it too much) for a Halloween bash.

We laughed and had a good time but had to leave early for obvious reasons. And Eliza left with an all time sugar high. I could hear her giggling in her crib until 11:00 pm. Good parenting, I know.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here's the latest Buzz about my Lady Bug!

Eliza and I attended a Halloween party hosted by the adorable and talented Stephanie Bletzacker. It catered to infants, toddlers, kiddies and mommies and in my book, was flawless.

Here's a peek at a few of the guests that attended. I wish I had a photo of everyone that came. Each costume had me "oooohing" and "awwwwing"... The Halloweeners, were highly entertained by one another's appearance.

We enjoyed ghost cupcakes and apples with caramel dip! As a craft, Eliza decorated her own little pumpkin with markers and stickers. I about wet my pants each time a marker came near her dress. And taking the markers away when she was finished was a small battle. If you can't tell by the photos, she quickly adopted a black balloon that is now floating in our living room.

As for me, I had too much fun taking pictures and visiting with the other "mummies." I love social gatherings... especially one's with frosting (*cupcakes - remember?).
Oh don't worry, of all the Mom's that came I wasn't the only one who dressed up! Keersten Jensen, you're my hero. I am bothered that I didn't snap a picture of you when I had the chance!Bribery (a.k.a. a granola bar) and distraction made this hairdo possible. I was going for antennas. Do lady bugs even have antennas?
Motherhood has resurrected Halloween as being one of my favorite holidays again. How could it not be when I have my very own doll to dress up?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lettuce vs. Cabbage (They're going head to head! ) ha ha ha, get it?

My father in law will be so proud of my opening pun!
Pictured above is cabbage (if you already knew that - good for you)
*And here we have shredded lettuce. Notice any similarities between the two? I just thought a visual aid might make me look smarter.

I should begin by simply stating the obvious. I am an idiot (not always - but on occasion). Andrew and I benefit greatly from the fact that we live in the same zip code as both of our parents. A more honest assessment would prove that we are spoiled.

Tis true that our current home doesn't have hook-ups for a washer and drier. Yes, it's heartbreaking - however, the laundry fairy still exists in my world because on more than one occasion when I return to my Mother's to pick up the laundry - it's already folded for me. A basket of clean whites even ended up on my porch one morning. That's one of the many worldly benefits.

Another example: If we visit the Flegal compound, I joke that we always come home with more than we arrived with. Last night, we left with two new sticks of Old Spice deodorant and a huge stack of wildlife magazines for Andrew's toilet viewing pleasure."Ya-hoooo! I love Field and Stream!" (** I snapped this photo while Andrew was dancing for Eliza.)

Personally, one of the best things about being close to home is Sunday dinner. We alternate with our two families each week. I know that I should offer to bring menu items, but ... uh.. usually I don't. However this past week we celebrated Mother Teresa's birthday. So I offered to make a salad and pie.

I called my Mom on my way to the grocery store for her Sarah's salad recipe. As she rattled off the ingredients, I asked her if she bought lettuce from the bag (which I usually buy) or if she buys the heads of lettuce. She said the bagged lettuce tastes like it's been... bagged... so she buys it fresh. Naturally, I agreed.

Arriving at the store, I walked straight to the "heads" of cabbage section. Apparently, lettuce and cabbage are two different types of vegetables. Send me back to the second grade. I read the sign - it said, "cabbage" but for whatever reason (pregnancy amnesia - it's a real condition) I bagged it and called it good. Fast Forward (or in this case rewind - today is Monday) to Sunday afternoon.

"Andrew, could you please chop the green onion for me..."

My educated, green thumb of a husband walks over, grabs a piece of cabbage and begins chewing on it.

"Ali, you know this is cabbage, right?" he asks.

"What? Is that bad? What do you mean it's cabbage? - so?" I counter.

At this point, Andrew begins to chuckle as he grabs another piece of cabbage.

"Is it going to ruin the salad? I mean - won't the dressing mask the difference" I desperately ask.

Andrew, honest as always, shakes his head and says, "No, the dressing won't help." At this point I bite into a piece of cabbage and immediately begin gagging.

As I heavily debate whether or not if "our ox was in the mire" (if I could justify sending Andrew to the grocery store on Sunday)... He runs upstairs to Grandma's to see if she had a spare head of LETTUCE.

Grandma laughs and said, "No." Earlier in the week she asked me to buy her a head of red lettuce. I returned with a head of red CABBAGE and she didn't have the heart to tell me I made a mistake (she's going to the Celestial kingdom - bless her!).

Long story short (WAY too late for that)... I hate cabbage and thankfully Mother Teresa's house is a functioning grocery store in and of itself - so they provided the head of lettuce for the salad.
Do you see me smiling in this picture? Do ya... do ya??? Well I was FAKING it. The best part of yesterday's salad mishap is that Andrew hugged me an awful lot and gave me a lot of kisses as he laughed hysterically at my confusion.

Dumbledore is...WHAT?!?

The brilliant J.K. Rowling recently announced during her U.S. open book tour, that Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is gay and this his great tragedy was the unrequited love from his future nemesis Grindewald (not a direct quote...) To read the transcript, I recommend this site:

(sorry, I don't know how to make one of those click "here" icons that will directly take you to the recommended site. However, if you google "dumbledore" 726 related articles appear on this topic - and most likely, I am not the first person to inform you of this development!)

This revelation stunned me. I am wondering how other Harry Potter fans felt about it, so I've posted a poll. Leave me a comment and take the poll (if you're interested!).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tonight, I impressed my husband

...And it's NOT because I made him elk for dinner. If ever I prepared elk or venison for dinner (voluntarily - bribery or guilt feelings don't count) Andrew would most certainly nominate me to be 2007's wife of the year!!

** I interrupt the writings of the blog to bring you a one-sided conversation I had with my husband .7 seconds ago...

- Andrew leans over and reads the title of this blog. He looks over to me and knowingly asks,

"Are you talking about what you did yesterday to impress me (referring to housework and last night's dinner)? "

- In disbelief, I stare at him.

- Realizing that the title of this blog does indeed say, "TONIGHT" he rethinks his question. He stares into space as he desperately tries to remember the thing that I did LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES AGO that earned his sincere praises...

...another 45 seconds passes until he lights up and says,

"OH!! That's right! You did impress me tonight! You changed your template by writing your own html code."

That's right ladies and gents, thanks to my friend and mentor Julie Ethington, I successfully wrote my own code. It's not perfection by any means, but I now have the tools and know-how of how to do this by myself. I am sure that many of you readers out there are LOADS smarter than I am and are fully capable to do this already. It was, however, a first for me and I was tempted to try a cartwheel for the first time in 12 years. I did refrain because my unborn child doesn't deserve that kind of risk!

So... here we are... the Flegal's... Andrew is diligently studying for the F.E. and I wrote my first html code using some ingenious hand me down instructions. As for Eliza... we are a bit concerned.
We're considering dressing her up as a potato to coincide with this behavior. To fight the adverse effects of television addiction, she and I spent the afternoon at the library and playing outside.

Truthfully, she just enjoys imitating me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Apparently I am not good with change!

Here's the story:

I gave the Flegal Family blog a "face lift" a few days ago thanks too Matie Kay creations. She is a blogger who, up until recently, was designing templates and allowing fellow bloggers to use her designs free of charge. Her inventive designs have been popping up all over my friend's blogs, so I jumped onto that wagon earlier this week.

However, I visited her site today and read that due to copyright issues with a different designer, her designs can no longer be used.

So... here I am... back to my former template. I know that change is good and necessary, but until I find something I like as much... I'll be sticking with what I have.

I know that my blog template doesn't really deserve to be blogged about, but in case anyone WAS wondering... that's the reason why.

I have the same problem at restaurants. If I've been to the place before, I tend to order the SAME thing, rather than try something new and risk that I won't be as satisfied.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who says I can't be spontaneous?

"Back in the day" when I was single and dating, I tried to convince myself that I was spontaneous. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that being spontaneous and enjoying surprises meant that I was a die hard romantic. Much to my dismay, it turns out that I am not spontaneous and hardly have the patience for surprises (I must be hard to live with).

I am a "planner." The problem is, I am not a good planner. Case in point:

We ran out of toilet paper last night. It's a good thing Andrew's Grandma lives upstairs and graciously gave us a spare roll. Otherwise, we'd be dealing with some serious chaffing issues.

I'm consistently working to become better because "planning ahead" and being prepared are two requirements that Motherhood demands.

So, when an invitation was extended to our family to spend a couple nights at the Flegal's condo in East Canyon, I SPONTANEOUSLY and enthusiastically said "YES! We'd love to go!"

I thought that Andrew's fall break would pass by without any family time. However, this offer gave us an "excuse" to take off for a few days, enjoy the beauty of the season and to shop at the Outlets to stock Eliza's wardrobe for the winter.

It felt good to "plan ahead" for the cold weather and upcoming snow storms for Eliza. I was thrilled with the selection and prices. But as luck (or my nature) would have it, I woke up the day after we returned home certain that I bought the wrong sizes... Another trip to Park City is in order to sort out this minor mess. So much for planning ahead right?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Without Fail

The moment Eliza arrives at Nana's house, she b-lines it for the pantry room. She knows that it is beyond this closed door that a treat of some sort (usually a pack of snoopy fruit snacks) is waiting just for her.

However, Eliza is careful to specify when she is craving sugar. Unlike meal time... she repeatedly clicks the top of her mouth with her tongue and eagerly uses all of the sign language she knows. It's as if she's trying to unlock a door and isn't sure which of the keys will open it. Like I already mentioned, she does this every single time we come over. It' s her first priority.

To serve as a visual aid, here is some footage we captured last night. To her delight, we surprised her with her absolute favorite - a dum dum sucker. Yesterday afternoon, I went to Gardner Village for lunch and and a witch hunt. Eliza and I went with my Mom, Aunt Marilyn, Molly Jones (now a proud mommy - her baby was born today!), Aunt Dawnie (Hi Dawnie!) and Marilyn's beautiful grand daughter, Olivia. Here is what we found!
Chocolate? Where?!
Um... no comment?
Whatever they were brewing, sure smelled inviting.
And here we have the twins, Marie & Marilyn - checking out the scene with their grand daughters. I think we may have found Elphaba (Anyone read or seen Wicked?)

Eliza was "acting up" in the restaurant. I knew that my "she's tired" excuse was no good. But here is proof that I knew what I was talking about. This photo was taken two minutes after pulling out of the parking lot.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Campbells, Cleaning and Conference

Weekend Report:

Friday night, our family made the long drive from Salt Lake to Kamas to spend the evening with our friends at the Campbell/Webb family cabin. I am told that the drive to Kamas typically takes 45 minutes. However, when you're in a 1985 4-runner, you're lucky if you can keep up with the semi-trucks while driving up Parley's canyon.

Before I hurt my husband's feelings, allow me to say that our 4-runner is tough! Our senior citizen of a truck will last a long time. It's a rock...and it's a fast as one too! The highlight of Andrew's night came when we took an "alternate" route and four wheeled our way back onto the main road after leaving the cabin area.

Lucky for us, the leaves are changing. The drive was beautiful. And the trip, was well worth it. We enjoyed a couple of hours visiting with friends, meeting new people, eating great food and losing horribly to a trivia game that was centered on Melissa's husband, Allen (the birthday boy). I neglected to take my camera with me (oops!) so enjoy this one of Eliza instead:
Saturday we cleaned our guts out while listening/watching general conference. Cleaning sounds mundane, right? Well, not at our house. A few weeks back, Eliza discovered our frog's food and spilled the entire bottle onto our bedroom floor. Despite the fact that we immediately cleaned out the vacuum, every time we use it, our bedroom is filled with the lovely aroma of frog pellets.
This barf worthy smell, combined with scented candles and all other fumes that result from deep cleaning produced a monster of headache.

Andrew sure stepped up to the plate and helped with the dishes, the bathroom shower (a highly dangerous task, in and of itself) and sweeping and mopping the floors...oh, but he didn't stop there (and he SHOULD have).

As I walked out into the hallway from my room, I slipped and fell.

"Honey! What DID YOU DO to the floors? I totally fell!" I screamed. Hoping for sympathy, I impatiently waited for his explanation.

"I waxed the floor." He calmly replied.

"With what?" I asked... certain that I have never purchased a wax of any kind.

With an embarrassed look on his face he sheepishly said, "Pledge." (a dusting spray) I would have sued him if he wasn't my husband.

Needless to say we have a lovely -streak free - glossy floor that is DANGEROUSLY slippery. All three of us have subsequently fallen and are desperately looking for a solution to remove it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Why would we spend an enormous amount of time cleaning (other than for the purpose to be clean?).... well, we caught wind of a rumor that our friends from GERMANY, the Dengg's!! would be stopping by and possibly staying the night at our place.

Due to an insane schedule on their end, they made a brief but welcomed appearance this morning. Here they are in my own backyard!As "wordy" as this blog is, I think I'll postpone the few thoughts I had regarding General Conference for another day. Needless to say, I enjoyed each of the sessions very much.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Eliza-isms... month 16

Totally Useless Information:

There is a law regarding immunizations that states that a child/infant can not receive their shots until they've passed their month/year anniversary date.

Confused? Allow me to explain using Eliza as an example. Eliza's birthday is May 11. We left the country May 9th to head to Germany. This law prevented them from giving Eliza her 12 month immunizations a few days early to accommodate our travel arrangements. Eliza certainly wasn't complaining that they were postponed... but like everything dreadful, the day finally arrived.

That's right, today was shot day. I despise shot day.I schedule "shot day" appointments in the morning so Andrew can come and hold my... I mean Eliza's hand. At her two month appointment, I cried harder than Eliza did and it's NOT getting any easier. Apparently, Eliza doesn't "do" 8:20 appointments! With a plain waffle and a sippy cup in hand, we took her just like this (above photo) to the doctor's office. I was encouraged that she'd simply sleep through the appointment.
Long story short (too late), she woke up, hid from the doctor in a cabinet similar to the size of the one she is sitting in this photo and inevitably charmed him into saying how incredibly bright she is and that she could star in a toddler magazine. No doubt he says this to all of his patients, but it still made my heart soar.Here are her current stats:
-Weight: 21 lbs (16%)
-Height: 84%
-Sign: Taurus
-Eye Color: Blue
-Head size: Big
The doctor did note that she "talks" a lot for her age. She says things like this:

Her vocabulary:
- Favorite word/expression: UH-OH!!! (even when she poops, she'll point to her bum and say it)
- Water = AhWah
- Cutest Word = ShoohSHS (shoes)
- My favorite word = MaaaMa!
- Most important phrase = Burrr? (meaning binki and blankie, please)
- Waffle = Bobble
- And finally, when she wants a treat, she clicks her tongue to the top of her mouth and starts signing please and more as fast as she can!!

... She still signs often, but is excited when I am able to translate her verbage into a word. All mother's have the gift of tongues. I am convinced. She is also big into giving kisses. I need a photo of her puckered up expression asap. Thanks for the reminder, self.

As for our new baby... Here is how we're growing! Four more weeks and we'll know the gender. Second note to self, start a poll to guess gender.Anyway, I am so glad shot day is almost over. I am sorry for going overboard, but you should know by now how long winded I am.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have fallen into a trap. I don't know if it's healthy that I've read three novels in less than a week. Can you guess which series I am currently addicted too? I am one of the millions of readers that have been sucked (pun intended) into the "Twilight" series, by Stephenie Meyer.

I am halfway through the third book in the series. As I type this blog, I can hear the book calling to me from my couch. True statement, I am blogging in my own front room! The Flegal's have the internet!!

Rest assured, I am not neglecting my daughter. However, I am neglecting the status of my house as well as sacrificing showers and naps for the sake of literature.

It's all Andrew's fault really (wink, wink!). He was out of town last weekend, camping with the boy scouts. I was left with several lonely hours to fill once Eliza was asleep. Little did I know of the impending love affair that I would soon develop with Edward (make believe character from book). I sound pathetic and obsessive and I couldn't agree with you more.

I was frantically texting my friends as I read through the first book. Sharing with them my feelings and frustrations. Which, I have evidence to believe, they were sharing with their friends that they were hanging out with at the time. I am glad my over the top enthusiasm could provide your friends with comic relief!

Now, to be fair, not everyone I've spoken to (our blog's I've read) share the same sentiments. Not all stomachs were built for the romantic, heart racing levels this book offers. But mine sure was! The combination of forbidden love, competition that comes from love triangles and the clumsy damsel in distress caught in the middle - who is continually needing to be protected and/or rescued is something that I have been craving my entire pregnancy.

Not kidding... pregnancy cravings don't only include food.

Please feel free to judge harshly on this one. I know that it's strange, but I also feel confident that I know I'm not the only satisfied married woman who feels this way.