Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tag! I am FINALLY it!

There have been various “tags” floating around on my friend’s blogs. Thanks to Angela, I was finally singled out to complete one. The best part is, the focus of this tag is on “My Husband” Ready, Set, Go!

My husband...What is his name?
Andrew MacGyver Flegal

How long have you been together?
Our love story began in the spring of 2001 (May 25 to be exact). I waited (and waited some more) while he served his mission: May 2002-2004. We were engaged 11 days (not a typo) after he came home and married in August of that year.

*Reader’s digest version: I’ve been in love with this man for six years.
How long did you date?
Three years and eleven days (minus the two years he was on his mission – but we wrote every week… without fail).

How old is he?

Who eats more?
I eat more often, however, Andrew eats more at one sitting.

Who said I love you first?
I could hear the butterflies fluttering violently in his stomach. As he nervously walked me to my door, I could tell that he was trying desperately to verbalize his feelings. To make things easier on him, I said something like, “It’s okay Andrew. I know you love me.” So, I said it first on his behalf. He said it on his own soon after.

Who is taller?
Andrew, even if I’m wearing heels. Too bad I never wear high heels, but if I did we’d still look well proportioned together. I am glad this question didn’t ask who weighs more.

Who sings better?
Andrew has better pitch than I do, but I sing better because I sing with confidence. He would have made vocal ensemble if he had tried out, and we all know that I didn’t make anything I tried out for (including ensemble), so perhaps I am a poor judge of this question. However, I really enjoy singing. You should hear me sing the new Fergie song. I sound goooood.

Who is smarter?
Ha, Andrew of course. His intelligence is abnormal.

Who does the laundry?
Unfortunately, I do. I wouldn’t have such a bad attitude if we owned our own washer and drier and lived somewhere that had hook-ups available. Yes, that’s right kids… for the past three years; we’ve done laundry at our parent’s house. There’s no shame in that.

Who does the dishes?
I wish I was typing Andrew’s name here, but we share this responsibility. 90% of the time, I do them, unless I am barfing due to pregnancy hormones. At that point, he’ll step in on my behalf.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I’m having a hard time with this question because it depends on your perspective of how you’re viewing the bed. I sleep on his right. He sleeps on my left. That felt like a highly personal question. I suppose you’d like to know what brand of toothpaste we use too, right?

Who pays the bills?
I do. Andrew makes the money and I spend it, save it, tithe it, take care of bills, etc. It’s a beautiful thing.

Who mows the lawn?
Andrew. I mowed a lawn for the FIRST TIME EVER a few weeks ago to see what it was like.

Who cooks dinner?
I am the cook. When we were married, my idea of “gourmet” consisted of grilled cheese with tomato soup. I have come a long way!! Tonight I made tin foil dinners via the oven.

Who drives when you are together?
Andrew. Always. And forever.

Who is more stubborn?
Andrew. It’s a good thing because I certainly have irrational moments. That boy can hold his own – whatever that means?

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?
Andrew is quick to forgive and quick to apologize. I am sometimes quick to forgive and usually quick to apologize as well.

Who kissed who first?
I really hope that I can watch this moment again on the other side because it was classic. He kissed me first, but I made it really easy for him. I was his first (and only) kiss. What a gift.

Who asked who out?
We met on a hike while camping with mutual family friends. That weekend we became inseparable. The connection was immediate. He called and asked me out after that camping trip, but by that time, I was already whooped – as they say.

Who proposed?
That’s debatable; just kidding! Andrew proposed… maybe someday I’ll blog about when the actual temple date was set and who it was that set it (our mothers…cough, cough)… then again, maybe I won’t.

Who is more sensitive?
Why is this even a question? Me…hands down, no contest, I am!! Those Chase bank commercials kill me. I take offense if the bagger at the grocery store looks at me wrong.

Who has more friends?
I have more friends. However, Andrew and his friends have a bond and a trust and a loyalty that continually surprises me. I have “close” friends, but it seems that anyone who really takes the time to know and befriend Andrew (which can be difficult because he tends to be quiet) easily finds reasons to admire and love him. Michael Auras put it best when we left Germany. He quietly whispered, “Goodbye brother” when we left the airport.

Who has more siblings?
We both have four.

Who wears the pants in the family?
Eliza. She’s the boss. Between Andrew and me, I’d say Andrew.

I would like to tag:
Stephanie Roberston
Stephanie Webb
Boo Face McJones
Julie Jensen and anyone else who would like to dish about their main squeeze!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Six Chicks and a Dude

Happy OFFICE season 4 starts Day!!
Grandma day was extra special for two reasons: Callie and Mia are here visiting from Denver. The weather was perfect. The girls took turns on the swing set, played a few rounds of Ring Around the Rosy, The Farmer and the Dell and London Bridge, and spent time in Nana's "jungle" collecting acorns.
Did I mention the doughnuts and chocolate milk?
Other than a sink full of dishes patiently waiting for me at home, I am looking forward to the remainder of my day, thanks inpart to The Office. Unfortunately, Andrew won't be home this evening to watch the premiere thanks to a Scouting trip. He is more upset about it than I am.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spiritual Enlightenment

Andrew and I went to the temple yesterday. For me, the blessings that come from attending the temple are subtle yet distinct. As an example, I notice an increase of patience and am given a surge of motivation to act (for the right reasons) and become better.

It’s a place to reflect, feel peace and receive promptings.

With that being said, Andrew and I like to share with one another thoughts or impressions following a session. I was surprised when Andrew initiated the conversation.

“You know? During the session, I had a thought…” Being the spiritual, humble, full of wisdom and faith husband that he is… my intrigue grew as I waited for him to continue…

“I think that we need to get Eliza a bunny rabbit.” So if I start posting pictures of a bunny next week on the blog, you will know why.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Confession Regarding Lunch Meat

Unfortunately, my online petition to have the Internet installed in our home did not motivate Andrew into immediate action. However, I believe that the petition was worth the effort because I realized that I have a few friends that care about the details (most of which are completely pointless) of my life.

I’ve been thinking that it’s time I implement “Plan B;” which involves making my husband a sack lunch each night before I go to bed. After all, they say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? It’s true. Andrew does love those Swiss cake rolls. In place of the traditional, “I love you, you’re a rock star, have a great day” note, I will drop in a note expressing my love for the Internet.

I confess that my lunch making neglect has been bothering me and can only imagine that my “June Cleaver” housewife friends are possibly gasping in shock and rolling their eyes at their computer screen in disbelief. How could I neglect my husband and let him make his OWN lunch? I am simply taking a vacation from my lunch making duty until Eliza learns to clean up the house before bed each night. Only then, will I be able to focus my energy back to those turkey sandwiches.

My shallow nature resurfaces as I openly admit that I am willing to temporarily be the A+ wife that I intend to become in hopes that I can continue to share in the lives of my friends and family via e-mail, facebook & blogging.

Enough said. I intended to share a few photos from our recent trip to the fair. But first, I promised Johanna Auras that I would photograph the phases of my ever-expanding stomach. Don’t worry, I am not into the bare skin stomach photos (mother nature bestowed upon me too many reminders from my former pregnancy to allow it).

And as soon as this pregnancy starts to show in my face, you can expect me to crop out my head in pictures. I am not kidding about that. I get pregnant in my face – seven chins and all.

So, Johanna, this one’s for you – twelve weeks along…(I am now 13 weeks – but who reading this really cares?)And while we’re on the subject of German friends, we caught up with Brad Atkin (formerly Elder Atkin) back in Utah after spending the summer together in Germany. It was exciting to see him again. Last but not least, here are a few photos from the fair. Eliza loved the goats.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rambling Mindlessly

The following is an excerpt from a telephone conversation I had with Andrew yesterday:

Andrew answers, “Hello?”

With enthusiasm I ask, “Guess what?!”

Playing along for the sake of being nice, he dramatically replies, “What?”

“I did my hair today!” I proudly exclaim.

Back to being his normal, blunt, honest self he states, “I hadn’t noticed that you weren’t doing your hair? You do your hair everyday, I thought.”

“Andrew!” I scold, “For the last 12 weeks (duration of first trimester) I have maybe blown my hair dry and straightened it twice! But today – a regular Wednesday, I DID MY HAIR!”

Not understanding what the big deal is, he compliments me anyway.

This reminded me of an incident that occurred a few days ago. I had pulled out some nail polish for a quick touch up job when he said,

“Oh look! You painted your toe nails, they look cute.” Dear reader, please note that Miriam Auras painted my toe nails nearly two months ago in Germany.

Since hitting week 12, I have been trying to convince myself that I am feeling loads better. With this new mentality I did the dishes last night – another great achievement. You see, I’ve had a huge problem with the smell that comes up out of the drain when the water is on…which heightens my gagging reflex and makes my eye balls leak fluid.

Speaking of which, has anyone else out there had a problem with nose breath? It’s a concept that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. And I think it really does exist.

During my first pregnancy, I had a horrible time with the smell of Andrew’s deodorant. This time around, I am getting along fine with Old Spice, but something about him just smells wrong.

In his defense, please know that he is a very hygienic man. He brushes his teeth on average for 7 minutes while looking at his fish tank each night. But even with all of his maintenance, something about the breath that comes out of his nose makes something in my stomach uneasy.
Let me know if I am losing my mind or if you can relate.

And one final thought; this morning as I was throwing things into our crockpot for dinner, I heard Eliza singing to herself in my bedroom. That is never a good sign… and this is what I found. She was in my make-up. I’m still unsure of how she managed to unzip the case and open the mascara.

And finally, here are a few photos from the park

Monday, September 10, 2007

Playing Catch Up, Labor day weekend

Here I am, playing "catch up" on our blog. I am certain that 99% of y'all (I have always admired Texan slang) could easily do without the details of our Labor Day weekend. However, for any stalkers we may have out there and for our future posterity's sake, this one is for you.
Other than the nauseating heat that accompanied us through the weekend, we had some noteworthy moments. Starting with (drum roll please!) Eliza's, first ever, friend birthday party.
Her friend, Megan, turned three and invited us over to celebrate!

Back to discussing the heat. I was nearly in tears, when I saw a pregnant woman, who must have been nearing her due date, trudging through the grocery store parking lot. I felt compelled to write her unborn child a letter explaining that not only did his (or her) mother endure the "normal" pregnancy grievances, but also had to bear the suffocating heat.

Due to lack of paper and the fear of looking like a complete fool upon delivering such a letter, I refrained. Thankfully, relief was found at Echo reservoir, where Andrew and his siblings enjoyed a perfect morning water skiing. I "volunteered" (more like insisted) to skip the 5:00 am festivities due to morning sickness. Apparently sleeping is the best remedy for fatigue. Ha!

I've been promised a video of Andrew doing a complete face plant that we will try and see if I can get posted within the next few days. Due to the swimming pool plague known as "CRIP-TOE-SPUR-ID-EE-UM" (spelling totally wrong), most public pools are closed to children under three. My sister in law saved the day when she extended an invite to her parent's house for an afternoon swim. Well - to be honest, they invited my brother Mike and his daughter to go. I pretty much invited myself. Eliza had a great time. A yummy bbq followed at Nana & Bubba Flegal's house. The bratwursts immediately took us back to Ermlandweg. We thought fondly of our friends and hope all is well with each one of them.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Made in Bavaria

We went to Germany a family of three...

and came home a family of four!!

Our final souvenir from our summer excursion is due to arrive March 27, 2008. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and we're thrilled.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Grandma Day - take one

Growing up, my sister in law Jen, met with her cousins for “Grandma Day.” I don’t know how often they got together, but it was a day set aside to play together at Grandma’s house.

Although we get together for dinner on Sunday (twice a month), we don’t have the chance to “go places” considering it is the Sabbath. So, we’ve adopted Jen’s idea to try and get together every other week for an activity (an outing to the zoo, lunch in the park, mass shopping trip to Target…who knows?!).

This week, we kept things low key because we received a special visit from our relatives from Connecticut. My beautiful cousin Claire is headed to her first year of college at the Y...exciting times!

The highlights of the day included a batch of brownies and Eliza teaching herself to make farting noises using her mouth on a rubber ball. This small achievement had her father beaming with pride. She was oblivious that her older cousins rallied to have her removed from the basement after continually turning off Snow White. And I have to give credit to baby Scottie for being a good sport about being the only boy grandchild in existence.

Later that evening, my brother, Mike and his daughter came over to our house. Emee and Eliza enjoyed putting all of Eliza’s toys into her crib, playing near (and in) our river and eating otter pops. Things continued to get better when Eliza’s Aunt Katie showed up to motivate us to get off our lazy bums to go hike Mount Olympus in the dark (no thank you – I can barely make it up to my car without breaking a sweat). As we kicked the soccer ball back and forth, Eliza was accidentally beamed in the leg with the ball. For the next ten minutes, we tried to hold back our laughter as she hobbled awkwardly back and forth. All in all, it was a good day.