Saturday, June 13, 2009

Entirely For Me

As a parent, you fall in love with your children's mannerisms. Time continues to pass, your children age, and they quietly grow out of certain quirks. I mourn these losses. It's the little phrases that suddenly disappear or evolve into something mature. Before she could properly speak, she identified her comfort items as her "burrrrr." In the sweetest of tones, she'd repeat the phrase over and over, hoping that I'd retrieve them for her.

When Henry was born, Eliza struggled with her new brother's name. For a while, she called him, "Harn." More recently, I discovered that she no longer asks for, "Ice SCRAHM" when requesting her favorite treat. With these examples in mind, this post is shamelessly dedicated to the little Eliza & Henry"isms" that make me smile regularly. Welcome to the mushy love fest. Consider yourself warned.

Eliza is kind to include her brother when playing with her dress-ups Her favorite is bestowing the princess crowns on his head. Most days, he'll keep it on for a long period of time or request that she readjust it for him when needed.

As seen in the video, she enjoys being in charge. They spend time playing in Eliza's, Thomas the train tent, hiding under blankets and simultaneously cuddling in my lap. Whenever Eliza receives a popsicle, she invites Henry over to share it with her. Or, when she's eating at the table, he'll crawl up to her chair and she'll feed him under the table, as if he were her puppy.

It isn't always sunshine and roses between the two of them. He finds great pleasure in changing the channels when she's watching a show. It drives her nuts. Eliza is over protective of her art supplies and is put off in a major way when he interferes. Eliza's child size table has a hole in its center where an umbrella can be inserted. Henry delights in shoving anything through it, including pieces of her play dough, crayons and/or markers.

Henry is starting to see the benefits of walking; still he has trouble standing up without the assistance of a person or piece of furniture. That does not deter him from climbing. He's fearless that way. Eliza wasn't much of a climber. Whether it's a chair, the couch, the kid table or a container full of blocks, he'll make his way up top and will contently sit until I rush over to pull him off.

Despite his charming babble, the child is shy. At story time, he'll stay glued to my lap as he observes the children singing and dancing. The librarian will attempt to make him smile as she sets a puppet on his lap. He remains straight faced and stoic. His eyes, however, grow wide with wonder. Once he returns to his comfort zone, he talks profusely in his own nonsensical way. I love it.

Eliza on the other hand is incredibly gregarious. Any child, whether at the park or a play-date, instantly earns the title of "My best friend!!" While out with her Dad the other day, some neighbors passed by our home.

"Hi!" she yelled to them.

"My name is Eliza."

"I have a Thomas shirt!"

"It's blue!"

I mentioned a while ago that she's adopted the following phrase from Cinderella. When beckoning the family cat for breakfast, Cinderella whispers in frustration,

"Lucifer! Come here." Mimicking her to perfection, Eliza frequently quotes her favorite Disney princess. Most recently, it happened during Sacrament meeting. Informing Andrew that she has to go potty, Andrew escorted her outside of the chapel during the middle of the Sacrament ordinance. Upon their return, Andrew thought it best to wait in the hall until it was over. Eliza, on the other hand, immediately returned to our bench. Confused as to why her Father didn't follow her, she spotted him through the doorway. He was still standing in the hall. *Que the Cinderella quote:

"LUCIFER!" she said (keep in mind, it's dead quiet in the chapel) "COME HERE!" - she repeated her order three times before I was able to distract her from her Father. It was hilarious.

Last night we went to the park. As Eliza pushed Henry in the swing, she noticed Andrew, sitting on the ground, tossing the mulch with a stick. He must have been looking pensive. Eliza walked over to him, crouched down so they were eye level and tenderly laid her hand upon his arm.

"Daddy?' she asked sweetly "What are you thinking about?" Over come with his daughter's honest concern, Andrew started laughing. She's sensitive and believe it or not, a peacemaker. She's totally a three year old, capable of the most diva-centric tantrums, but underneath her three year old hormones, she has a compassionate heart.

We read to her and it isn't long until she incorporates the reading content into her daily interactions. This morning, she came into my room and said,

"Mommy! I have a nervous tummy. I think I need breakfast." The phrase "nervous tummy" is from a recent library book. She's integrating words like, "Absolutely" "Wonderful" "Beautiful" and "Celebration" into her vocabulary. .

"Oh, Eliza. I love you so much." I'll tell her.

"You're so welcome, Mom!" Having the two of them to compare, it's easier to identify personality traits. They're so different which has helped them to mesh. I know they'll fight and argue as they get older, but for now, I'm relishing in their friendship. I say it all the time, but I love being their Mom.


*Jess* said...

This was a great post! and now you'll never forget the "isms" because you journaled them for posterity :)

Audra said...

She talks so well! And I love the Lucifer part! I would have been mortified! I hope my children are as cute together as yours are!

Megan and Jonny said...

I would have paid good money to be in your chapel for the Lucifer exchange. I'm still laughing as I type this...

I think our sons must be a lot alike. Perhaps it's the engineering genes. :)

Jessica said...

What cuties! I love your kids! How do you do the photo collages?

Jensen's est. 2005 said...

the lucifer story in church is hilarious!

Ami said...

I loved all of the video clips! I can't believe how big they are getting.

I must admit...I tried to imagine a 3 year old yelling for Lucifer to come, during church today. So funny...!

The Tate Family said...

Gees...cute kids! It makes me realize that I need to document my kids "isms"! So, sweet!

Anonymous said...

Ok my neice has to be the funniest kid ever! I miss you guys like crazy. Sorry I couldnt make it out to see you when I was so close. Just didnt have time to hop over.
Love you
Unca Mike

Natalie said...

Okay, I'm still laughing about the Lucifer come things like that always find their way into sacrament mtg??? You've got some darling kids, and I only wish we lived closer to eachother so that I could enjoy it firsthand!

Kara Camille said...

I'm repeating what everyone else has already said, but that Lucifer story was hilarious. Darling little kids you have! And so wonderful for you to document things you don't want to forget.

Marsh Mayhem said...

I must agree with you ... Eliza and Charlie must be meant for each other, from the vivacious talking to everyone, to the Thomas obsession (everyone who calls is told which legos he has, which he's waiting for, and which he dreamed about last night), to the awesomeness towards those around them. Next time you're here, we've got to get them together. We have a pretty neat Thomas tent just waiting for another fanatic!

B-dizzle said...

I have watched/listened to Henry laughing probably 6 times. It is so cute. They are so cute.

Melvin said...
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