Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I agree with you. I ought to be medicated.

I am incredibly pleased to report that my Mom and Dad will be sleeping under my roof tomorrow night!! It will be my Father's maiden voyage to the Flegal nest and considering I'm always craving the company of my Mother, I'd say that I'm rather *ahem* stoked!

(The jury's still out on whether or not I'm the type of girl that can pull off using that word in a sentence. There's a strong possibility that I am simply not cool enough.)

Looking back at this past year, I've been highly fortunate to have seen my Mother 3 times already. The longing I feel to be near her on a regular basis has not subsided, but I think it's important to acknowledge my gratitude. For the three of you that still miss our family, please note that we'll be in Salt Lake at the end of August through the first week of September! Party at YOUR house :)

Time is curious, isn't it? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in Utah attending the blissful nuptials of my dear friend. In contrast, the time that proceeds the highly anticipated arrival of a loved one slows down - molasses style - only to speed up again once they're here. Before you can say flibberty-jibbet, Eliza will be in the back seat of the van, sobbing hysterically, as she watches her Grandparents make their way into the airport to catch their plane home. It's somewhat heart wrenching.

Why did we do this to ourselves again?!

In other totally lame news, our laptop cord is under the weather and the prognosis is grim. Therefore, the remaining option for internet use is spending time on the dinosaur of a computer that lives in our spare bedroom upstairs. I declare that it has the slowest internet connection known to man. Loading pictures or video is a laughable idea; which is sad news for you, dear reader, considering I don't have anything to help offset the incessant ramblings of a woman who is procrastinating.

That's right. I'm totally avoiding the mountain of clean laundry that I can hear taunting me from my bedroom. How fun is putting laundry away when you know that you're going to be short about 10 hangers? Not very. In an effort to prolong my time in this comfortable chair a few moments longer, can I just say how much your comments have meant to me?

Seriously, I appreciate them all. I haven't been the greatest participant on Team "I Leave Comments" due to the fact that Google reader appears to be inoperative on the Dinosaur computer. Making the rounds to blog surf is slower without it's assistance. So, until our replacement cord arrives, that excuse will hold. I love blogging. I love that it connects me with friends and family; both old and new. Cheers to you all.


Emily said...

I have to admit - it makes me super happy to see that you have a new post on Google Reader! I love everything you have to say - and I must be one of like 100 people that misses you - so this makes me feel like you live REALLY close to me. (I like living in denial!)

Davis Family said...

How fun to have your parents both coming to see you! Reading your posts is giving me a glimpse into what my life is going to be like in a short while, living away from family.

Oh, and thanks for mentioning laundry, I forgot that I had wet clothes in the washer that HAVE to be ready for swimming lessons tomorrow! So glad I checked your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

See you soon!!!!

allirasmussen@gmail.com said...

lets be honest here ali, i'm pretty sure that there are many more than 3 people reading your blog...i am always excited to see that you have a new post! I would love to try to get together when you are out...if you have time ;) we'll be in touch when it gets closer and see if we can work something out...i always love seeing my hogs! ;) love you

*Jess* said...

And I love reading your blog, too :) Even though you only live down the street from me, so really, I could just call you or see you at a MOMS Club thingy to find out about what's going on. I feel like a blog connects us even closer, too!

Audra said...

I have never liked Google Reader. I like the Blog Roll that you can put on the side of your blog that tells you when people update. Your internet is probably fine, its the same internet that your laptop would use, the problem is probably the RAM or the hardware in your older computer. You need a computer nerd to fix it!

tortured mormon mom said...

Flibberty-jibbet? I just listened to that song this morning on the radio on the way to the dentist. My clean clothes are in a basket at the bottom of my bed, I need to get them folded but alas maggie is in my bed being sick. I remember when I moved hre my mom came to visit a ton, whih was good because Jay was in NC for si months. Now I'll go back to solving the problem of what tto do with a girl named Maria!

Keersten said...

Laundry-schmandry (okay, maybe that didn't really work. You get the drift though.) Have fun, you lucky girl! BTW, you are totally cool enough to use stoked. :D

Melvin said...
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