Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Little Decorator

*Pssst: the title does not refer to either Eliza or Henry.

Nap time came to an abrupt halt Saturday afternoon. The pounding beneath my floor stirred up something more than curiosity. Trying to squash the irritation I felt from waking up prematurely, I made my way downstairs and headed toward the garage to investigate.

My dear husband had been 'organizing.' That was the term he offered.

I glanced up and found the source behind his hammering.

"Nice Andrew." I called to him as I head back inside. "I feel like I'm walking into R.E.I." Feeling picked on, he yelled back defensively,

"Hey! The garage is not yours to decorate!!"

Consider me informed, honey! That space officially belongs to you. :) To his credit, he did a fine job of marking the entry with his outdoorsy style. I'm pleased to see that his fishing poles received a place of honor. I confess that I'm slightly surprised that he didn't ask to hang them above the fire place. Seriously though, his hard work paid off. There were improvements made to the chaos that is our garage; and for that I am grateful.

Later on in the day, we walked three minutes to our community pool. Please come visit us and together, we can walk three minutes to the pool. It was delightful. The layout is ideal for our family. The sloped entrance helps ease the nerves of an unsure child. Eliza was free to dictate the pace of getting wet. Forming friendships with our neighbors and their children is an added bonus to spending time at the pool. Andrew had a noteworthy encounter with a young boy on our first outing. Plopping himself next to Andrew, our young friend starts swirling his feet in the water. After stealing a few glances up at Andrew, he bluntly asks,

"Why are you wearing your glasses in the pool?" Andrew, trying his best to be polite, quickly explains that he has poor vision and that the glasses help him to see. The kid accepts his obvious explanation. A moment passes before he peers up at him once again to ask,

"Why do you have so much hair on your legs?" Because we descend from apes. My wife claims that I'm the missing link - or - I have an Uncle. His name is Sasquatch. Any of those answers would have sufficed.


Megan and Jonny said...

I want to come visit your pool. We showed up to ours last week and were told, "No toys allowed. Only Coast Guard approved life jackets." Like Seth can swim in a life jacket... They won't even let him use his little floating tube--too much of a toy. Grr...

Does Andrew want to come organize our shed? I'll pay him, I swear (it would be that worth it to me).

Keersten said...

Love it. Love the fishing poles.

Audra said...

I would love to walk three minutes to the pool with you. Kate would hate it! Unless its bath water she refuses to get in!

*Jess* said...

Hey, my husband wants to know if we can come "scam" on your pool this summer :P Meaning, be rude and invite ourselves swimming some time. Gotta love Brian. Or not!

B-dizzle said...

I love the honesty of little children. We all have the same questions, some of us just are too scared to ask. I fear for my children with that uncle of mine and Andrew's. We are harry. What can I say? If you attach Potter after that Harry, it can be something more like a dream come true instead of a nightmare. I wish I could come see you right now!

Melvin said...
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