Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ushering in the Holiday Weekend

The kids are finally in bed. And so are Eliza's dolls. What a relief.

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have been arguing all day. According to Eliza's imagination, they've both had their share of "naughty" spells. Being the firm, albeit fair, disciplinarian that she is, Eliza does not hesitate in putting them on time out when rules have been broken. Showing forth an increase of love following her chastisement, Eliza kindly reads to them. After a story, she'll lay down next to her girls to indulge in a moment or two of cuddles before nap time. It's quite sweet, well... most of the time. Knowing that she is mimicking me can be a humbling experience when she is in chastisement mode. Exiting the fascinating realm that is my child's imagination, I return now to reality. ZAP!

Andrew's weekend began today. Productivity was on his mind this morning.
Involving herself in his business was on hers.

I don't think he minded much. They make a great team. You may disagree, but posting photos of Andrew on that lawn mower never gets old.During snack time, we got a little silly trying on various hats. (Oh wait. That's weird. Is Eliza wearing a Thomas the Train shirt again? It's clean. I promise.) We made plans for a "fun" outing after the kid's nap. It's not very often that Andrew has work off on a Thursday. We felt that we owed it to ourselves to make the day more interesting. A (free) visit to a nearby "fountain park" is what we came up with.

They had a blast!
Henry was timid in the beginning. The poor dear never quite grasped the concept that the jet of water would return to full strength after its momentary absence. Consequently, he swallowed a bit more than I think he would have liked. On a day when I have an extra smidgen of patience for the machine that is our computer, I will upload a video demonstrating what I mean. I'm looking forward to a return visit. In other news, my young cowboy...

is growing up. Despite being small for his age, he is putting on weight. Even though I am pleased with his developmental progress, I still felt sad as I said "goodbye" to the remaining 3-6 & 6-9 month size clothes that I packed away this week. Aside from feeling like an old person after carrying him up the stairs for a nap (out.of.shape.), my sweet Henry feels differently as I rock him. He fits differently in my arms than I'm accustomed too. Our days of rocking together are FAR from being over, but the feel of him being "tiny" is changing. He's a ... tod...(sniff, sniff) dler!!!

And I adore him.

Speaking of being winded while climbing the stairs; have you ever woken up with a sore muscle and couldn't recall a valid reason for its existence? A muscle in my thigh burns as I climb stairs. I exercised? Not recently, no. Then why in the Sam-Hill am I suffering so?

Tonight, as I downloaded pictures onto the laptop, I was reminded of our trip to the zoo. The first half of the zoo is one big incline. The Blasers were kind enough to let my children and I tag along with their family this week.
Eliza sure knows how to PICK her friends. Get it? I swear. The only time she goes exploring for treasure is when I pull out the camera. These two are so adorable when they're not screaming at each other.

I leave you now with my wish that you have a happy and safe Fourth of July. Aside from feeling somewhat guilty that I don't have a Flag displayed in my yard, I am looking forward to this years festivities. My neighbors across the street have three flags in their yard, meaning they're three times more patriotic than we are. I've considered borrowing one from them, but am quite sure they'd notice.

God Bless America & God Bless our Troops!


Michelle said...

I love the picking nose picture. I sat and giggled to myself for a couple minutes. Hey we are in the next time you go to the park. I have never been there and I know my boys would love it.

Ang said...

Thanks for the smile your post put on my face. And ps, I totally love the lawn mower.

*Jess* said...

Your posts always crack me up!

Melvin said...
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