Saturday, August 22, 2009

17 again

Last Monday, we quietly celebrated five wonderful years of marriage.

August 17, 2009
Five year wedding anniversary

After taking Eliza and Henry to the Doctor's office, Andrew surprised me with an arrangement of flowers. Dinner was taken care of through the kindness of a friend. I'm confident that it tasted better than anything I could have come up with. Michelle really out did herself with her homemade peach cobbler.
With a clean home, a red box rental and an early bed time for the kids, I have to say that our evening was well spent. We laughed (and I coughed) our way through the movie, 17 again. In keeping with the theme, I've dusted off a few images of Andrew and me that were taken when I was 17 and he was 18. With the exception of this one:

First time we met: August 11, 1998
Neighborhood pool
Ali (age 14) center in blue swim suit
Andrew (age 15) lower right corner, goggles, possibly mute (so I thought) The weekend we fell in love
Memorial Day weekend 2001
Hiking in Southern Utah
Ali age 17, white tank top
Andrew age 18, yellow hat
He's petrified that I'm sitting so close to him. Enlarge photo if you don't believe me.
His hair was a work in progress.
Lake Powell, October 2001My man can still rock the flannel look.
He had a hobby of making bird traps... always lets them go.
We currently have a bird trap in our back yard. March 2002, Senior prom.
I had mono.
My Mom made my dress.
Andrew had his mission call to Frankfurt Germany.

The remaining photos were taken days before he left on his mission: May 2002
And they said I wouldn't wait!
(Eliza's still feeling sick)

Pretty sure, these two are happy things worked out! What's that phrase again? All because two people fell in love.


rachel.a.rasmussen said...

So cute - it is hard to come by a couple who gets better looking with age but you guys have perfected that art!

Samye said...

Love all the pictures! It is so funny to watch as you guys grow and change....(Andrew, the hair looks much better now!!!)

Audra said...

I am happy it worked out too! I still remember looking at your "Ali and Andrew" scrapbook! Was the movie good?

Katie said...

Congratulations Ali! You and Andrew look so young in those old pictures, but adorable! Did you like 17 Again? I loved it. I think I could watch Zac Efron dance all day long!:)

Natalie said...

Cute pictures! Random comment... I had that same purple swim suit back in the day!! ha ha.

The Stanford Bunch said...

sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

jamie t. said...

What a great blast from the past! I agree the hair is much better :) You two are adorable!

*Jess* said...

awww! I had no idea you guys knew each other for so long! I'm glad you waited :)

Dave and Lacey said...

That was so fun to see all of those pictures. What fun memories!

Andrew Flegal said...

I can't believe she dated me with that awful hair.

Chris and Annalisa said...

That is the sweetest story! I didn't know you dated before Andrew's mission. So cute! Happy 5 years!

B-dizzle said...

so did you like the movie? We saw the previews a few nights ago. He is a major hottie (but to be honest, Brent is hotter...even with his shirt off). happy five years. You guys are old! What have you learned in those five years? Haircuts are good? Kids are good? -betty and beau

Ali said...

In response to your questions Betty... Andrew's found himself a great barber (himself) and definitely YES kids are the best!!

Catherine said...

Holy cow! What youngens! I didn't even know that you met way back then. And you waited for him while he was on his mission. So sweet! What a beautiful couple!

Michelle said...

I wish I had pictures me and Jimmy when he was 17. Oh wait, I would have only been 12. Not too romantic. You guys are way cute and we couldn't have been happier with you waiting for him.

Allison and Josh said...

Oh Ali, I love those pictures! I love the pic of the neighborhood pool. I miss swimming there!! And I still remember chatting with you at youth conference at USU and you told me all about how you were dating Andrew! Time flies!! Cute kids and cute pictures Ali!!!

Shipley said...

I am sorry you have been so sick. You HAVE to get better! Powell will not be the same without you and your family! I have been looking forward to loving on your kids for months! You are all in our prayers.

Davis Family said...

I love the pictures, seriously how fun to have all those from when you were young and knew each other to show your kids?

Jen Bowen said...

I love the pictures. That's fun that you can go back so far in time. We Redboxed 17 Again last night. It's an entertaining movie. Congrats on 5 years! I'm glad you were recovered enough to celebrate.