Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beat the Heat

The box sits empty in the pantry. Silently, it mocks us. The freezer looks barren and bland; as her eyes long for the colorful appeal of an otter pop. Despite having drained the last two herself, Eliza begs for another.

"Mom!?" With an expression of empathy, I shake my head before she finishes her plea.

"Can I please have a Popsicle?" Her incessant pleading nearly pushes me past my limits. Quick. I need a diversion to get us through until next Tuesday's (Day 14) trip to the store.

The solution... a batch of homemade cookies.

After enjoying a few cookies out of the oven, I put the rest in a freezer lock bag. We're living on rations :) I almost caved for a box of otter pops. You would think my determination to avoid the store would waver for a box of diapers, chocolate or a stick of deodorant.

I would have felt silly had I made that special trip for otter pops! What would have merited a quick trip for you?

Our addiction to otter pops is seasonal. Andrew, the Father of our home, is also the Father of the problem. He loves them! Henry and I will casually share a pop on occasion, but for Eliza and Andrew, a pile of pops = a pile of happiness. They've been known to watch a lightening storm in the late evening together on the front porch. With Eliza on one knee and a pile of otter pops on his other, they bond.

It's hot in the South. We're utilizing our community pool regularly but felt the need to change things up a bit this weekend. The credit for our weekend's success goes to Andrew. Friday night, he had the idea of setting up the slip and slide.
With two neighbor friends (not pictured), Eliza and Henry cooled off with the help of our sprinkler. Daddy enjoyed spraying off our little grass monsters before I transported them to the bath tub. Despite his best efforts, there was plenty of grass swimming with them in the tub.

Saturday morning we made a return visit to the "Lake Beach" (as Eliza calls it). Calling up the family in our Ward, I asked if it would be okay if we came out for the morning."Call as many people as you can think of. Make it a potluck" She said. Her enthusiasm squashed the awkwardness one might feel from inviting yourself over. Truly, their property is amazing and they are thrilled to see others enjoy it. In fact, she had forgotten that another family from our ward was planning to come over for a birthday party. We considered ourselves the welcoming party when the familiar faces started to arrive! Did i mention that the happy news of the Blaser's return? Despite having spent a week delving into various water activities, they accepted our invite to go to the lake. We stuck around longer than planned to visit with the newly arrived party goers (all of whom were friends from Church). After a final swim, we knew it was time to take the kids home for a nap. While backing out of their driveway, Henry fell asleep. Eliza wasn't far behind him.

Sunday afternoon passed by s. l. o. w. l. y. Yesterday was a bit painful, actually. It was hot and the afternoon felt long. The thought of going for a walk made my make-up melt. The desire to jump in the car and head over to Grandma's house always intensifies on Sunday and yesterday was no exception.

Andrew saved the day (again) when he pulled out a massive sized moving box and transformed it into a house for the kids. He made a swinging door and cut out a window. The kids will be enjoying his creation for days. His creativity continued with the impromptu development of a home made "slush" (crystal lite, blended ice, a smidge of sugar).
Eliza went bananas when he presented her with the iced treat. Her mouth is still dyed red. She devoured her glass to the point that her teeth were chattering. Wrapping herself in a blanket she demanded that I warm her up.

Still, I'm feeling in "need" of a vacation. More accurately, the desire I have to see family is at an all time high. I can't wait for Eliza and Henry to become re-acquainted with their cousins. I'm trying to tell myself to enjoy the anticipation because I know that once we're in Utah, the time will pass by too quickly! Thankful for having a good weekend, my attention now shifts to Tuesday's shopping trip (exciting, right?).


Chris and Annalisa said...

What is it with husbands and otter pops? Chris could eat like 10 a day. And if I ever let us run out, it's like a serious offense. Glad to hear someone else is in the same boat, ha ha! Too funny.

Nikki said...

Marshall bypasses our bedroom every morning and goes straight to the otter pops in the freezer! If I accidentally forget and put more then 2 in there at a time, he'll eat every single one before waking us up. Just this morning he had about 5 before coming to wake me up. I first noticed dark drops on his legs. Panicking, because Coen's iron drops do the same thing to him, I asked Marshall what it was. At first he wouldn't tell me so I leapt out of bed to make sure he hadn't overdosed on iron (seriously fatal). Luckily (or un-luckily maybe?) I found out that he'd eaten about 5 otter pops on the living room floor and the same drip pattern was on the carpet (that's the unlucky part).