Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lean on me

Monday morning I called Michelle to see what her plans were for the day. I'm kind of stalkerish like that. Correct me if I'm wrong (Michelle), but I'm pretty sure she likes the attention. At least that's what I'd always assumed; until I made the sad realization that she hadn't called me back.

Tuesday morning, I called again to let her know that we were headed to story time.

(At story time, Eliza holds Henry's hand as he makes the transition from Mommy's lap to the floor)

Thinking that maybe a day a part was all she needed before wanting to see my beaming face again; I invited her, via her answering machine, to meet us there. I confess that a part of my motivation for seeing her was a little shallow.

It was the first time I'd gone "curly" with the new cut and I was feeling that it was (excuse the pride) a smashing success because it had taken less than a minute to achieve the look I was going for. Having retired my Pippy Long Stocking Mom look, I was feeling better about myself.

I was looking for a friend to praise my efforts. That's what happens when you no longer live next door to your Mom. However, I won't deny allegations of having e-mailed my Mom pictures of my hair cut followed by a phone call to hear desired praise (it always sounds best coming from her!). But that's beside the point.

Isn't it true that if you have a new hair cut and you're in the process of adjusting to it, you might benefit from a little positive reinforcement? Especially if the first thing your daughter tells you after styling your hair that morning is,

"Mom! Your hair looks silly!"

Wondering where a Mom of three small children had been spending her mornings after Tuesday's call went unanswered; I decided I'd be extra annoying and call her cell phone. After the beep, I left her a message.

"Hi Michelle." (pause)

"Are you trying to break up with me?"

"I hope no one's in the hospital?"

"Okay. Call me. Bye."

I'm totally the attention deprived, obsessive girlfriend. I can't fall back on the excuse of getting our kids together for the sake of Eliza's mental health as her imaginary friends haven't been over to play in awhile. Maybe it's because Eliza had been a little over bearing? Hoping you can feel the sarcasm, I have to say that I can't imagine who she would have adopted that trait from!?

Maybe Dora, Diego, Boots & Alicia couldn't handle that much personality.

Despite their absence, the kids and I had a great time at the library. Eliza and Henry really are the best, most loving, always forgiving, incredibly fun, imaginative and humorous friends I have. They're high maintenance, yes, but I feel so LUCKY to be able to spend my days with them.

Coming home, my caller ID happily informed me that I had missed call from Michelle's cell phone. Her vacation, that I thought was next week... is actually this week. Awesome. She does like me. She likes me so much, in fact, that she had been thinking about picking up Eliza a Disney princess dress that she had seen on clearance while out on a shopping excursion.

Considering she has three young boys; it's sweet that it was Eliza's face that came to mind when she saw the lovely frocks. The news cheered me, despite the fact that my social calendar would be bleak for the remainder of the week.

Determined to enjoy ourselves, the kids and I left the house early the next day to spend the morning at Monkey Joes (half price on Wednesday). Henry fully grasped the wonderland that is Monkey Joes. Henry struggled to maintain balance on his feet. That didn't phase his good mood. He'd lay motionless on the floor of the bounce house laughing hysterically from a previous wipe out as he happily awaited Mom's rescue.

I also had the privilege of toting his tiny 20 pound bum up the stairs of the massive inflatable slide. Each time I'd scale the stairs, I vowed that would be our last trip up before taking a break. However, after hearing his squeals of laughter on the way down, I'd soon make the repeat trip.As for today, the presence of a cloudy sky has temporarily squashed my plans of taking the kids swimming. It looks as though I'll be giving my home additional attention. The laundry room is a blast. I can't wait to spend time in there.

Eliza just leaned over and asked,

"Hey Mom, what's that smell?"

It looks like a shower just made the agenda as well. The good news it tomorrow's Friday and the responsibility for entertaining the family shifts over to my manchilada. And don't think that he's off the hook because he has to prepare a 20 minute talk for Church on Sunday. :)


Melissa and Allen said...

love your hair cut! and i miss you. and henry is so cute! and i hope i get to see you when you come!

Michelle said...

I'm back! Don't worry my sweet, I would never break-up with you. Guess what happened! I went back to buy Eliza a dress-up as you mentioned and the sale was over. Bummer!!! I did get her a little something though because I felt guilt of not being able to get her a dress-up. We're glad to be home and can't wait to go play, until you head off for Lake Powell. Then my time of boredom arrives. See ya soon!

Catherine said...

I love you, Ali. You just crack me up! I can't get enough of your writing, I swear. How awesome that you and Michelle have each other. :)

I love how you described the kind of friends Eliza and Henry are to you. I feel the same way. My kids keep me laughing everyday, except when they're naughty, then they keep me yelling ;) but they are forgiving and love me anyway.