Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Videos and the Chicken Pox

Because I'm in the business of making and preserving our family's memories; today's post will feature recent videos that capture Henry's verbal expansion, Eliza's desire to be in the lime light and my husband's perfectly chiseled jaw line.

While I'm confident that Andrew's jaw line isn't going anywhere anytime soon; I'm certain that cherished pieces of Eliza + Henry's mannerisms will continue to melt away with maturity.

Alright then, Henry's up first. It is my hope that his deep reverence and appreciation for food will remain intact. With each bite, Henry's quick to offer up a sound of praise and satisfaction.

"Mmmm (pause) Mmm!!" His enthusiastic approval is MUSIC to my heart (and super hilarious).

Last week, he surprised the family as he confidently identified the color of one of Eliza's otter pops. Since then, I've stepped up my, "What color is this?" questioning. He'll cooperate when asked to repeat a word but generally that person, object or color has to be somewhere in sight.

Disregard the monkey you hear chattering in the background of this video.

Andrew was filming Eliza while the monkey in the background was under the impression that we were encouraging her to smile for a photo.

In the video that follows, I realize that this set up looks somewhat staged as we happily sing around the table and color our, "I am a child of God" pictures. All we're lacking is a camp fire, the lyrics of, "Kumbayah" and a little bit of swaying action as we grasp hands.

You're probably gagging a little. But please allow me to give us credit for our consistency of making family night a priority. The lesson and activities are simple, but I can finally say that they are regular. Usually, when blessed with a good idea, I wind up disregarding the 'life enhancing change" because of laziness, distraction or some other ailment.

Henry proves how adorable learning phonics can be.
Andrew's jaw line doesn't look to bad either...

Eliza needs to know that it's her enthusiasm that has kept me motivated in planning these "small and simple" lessons.

Henry's been sick. The above expression captures his mood well. And yes, I realize that he'd benefit from the use of a comb!

He had a reaction from his chicken pox vaccine. 1 out of 25 children who receive the vaccine will in fact develop the rash. Although his case was deemed as mild, he was still rather miserable (comparable to a bad cold). He wasn't bed ridden, he never fevered and appeared to have plenty of energy to play each day (see our 'lake beach' trip and sprinklers adventure).

I thought he was coming down with a cold when I noticed his lethargy and runny nose. When I saw the spots, I knew something more was going on. Before the spots showed up, he was exposed to non-vaccinated children. The risk they catch the disease is slim, I've been assured.

This experience hasn't altered my pro-vaccine status. But certainly, I was upset that a vaccine made my baby sick. I'm not trying to stir up the debate, but if the research I've done proves true, then it's clear that had Henry come in contact with the varicella virus the "old fashioned" way, he would have been horribly ill. His 'mild' case would have been full fledged and ugly.

He's on the mend, and his faint spots were gone within two - three days. They were primarily located on his upper thighs; his face, arms and trunk were spot free. Looking at my daughter, I have to say I'm grateful that she will be spared the harshness of the illness as she is protected because of her own vaccine.

The end.


*Jess* said...

I hope Henry feels better!

BTW, Jayce just screamed at me, "I SEE ELIZA!" while I was reading your blog.

Jennifer Anne said...

We are glad that little Hank is on the mend. We are sooo excited to see you in just a few short weeks. Prepare yourselves, it will be awesome!

Michelle said...

Guess what? Colby got the chicken pox tonight. What a bummer. Just Kidding, you don't have to worry about us, we are trooper. I hope you feel better though.

Emily said...

I love seeing your updates - I just do a horrible job of commenting :) I'm so sorry Henry had any reaction to his vaccine, but I've heard that does happen - and what a relief that it was mild. I can't believe how much personality Henry is getting - he's a little man! Keep the posts and pictures coming!