Thursday, September 10, 2009

At the Lake (part 2)

#6. Getting Dirty
  • Eliza & Henry were content playing in the man made mud/water pit. Eliza was quick to offer a cup of "chocolate milk" while Henry prefer ed moving rocks and playing trucks.
  • The mound of dirt, formerly a castle, was the center of all games: tag, hide and seek, king of the hill, etc.
  • It was convenient to be able to dip into the lake on an as need basis.
  • Speaking of "needs," we were encouraged to pee in the lake. Eliza was on board with that plan. Not wanting to soil her clothes, she insisted that she remove her swim suit before doing her business.
  • Though it was hard for me, I likewise participated. Unlike the members of the family who often pee'd in front of the crowd for a laugh, I had to discreetly wade out on my own to do my thing. WELL, one afternoon I excused myself to the side of the boat. It was clear that I was the only one around. Taking advantage of the situation, my brother in law Mike took the opportunity to scare me. Without me noticing, he slipped in the water, dove deep and made his way to where I was.
  • SECONDS, before I giving myself the mental okay (this is a total over share - probably should have warned you sooner) to go, I feel a firm yank on my foot. I'm confident that Mike received the freak out reaction he was hoping for. Looking back, I kind of wish he'd fallen victim to my imminent flow; it would have totally served him right.
#7. The Accommodations
  • Thank you to the Taylors who let us borrow their wonderful tent.
  • Henry was sectioned off in his portable crib and Eliza had no desire to mess with the zipper. It provided me with peace of mind each night and served as a great time out space when Eliza needed one.
  • Henry opted to nap with Nanna most days rather than to sleep in the hot tent. He sure was happy cuddled up with her.
I loved the houseboat so much that I took the feeling of being on it home with me. I remember the first time using a toilet (sorry, another over share) at a rest stop. As I sat there, I totally felt the need to sway.#8. The birthday party
  • We celebrated Katie & Sara's birthday with an outdoor dinner and bonfire.
  • Nanna was thoughtful enough to bring blow horns and party hats. The horns were a great source of entertainment for the kids and a great source of something else for the adults.
  • In preparing for the festivity, the Taylor kids volunteered to help their Dad collect firewood. While sifting through a wood pile, a rattling sound was detected. Not long after, the children were called off as Andrew, I believe it was, found the culprit: a rattle snake.
  • Ali begins to hyperventilate (Not really. Well, kind of) and forces an unhappy Henry and Eliza to vacate the area. .
  • 10 minutes later, Wickman appears with a headless snake; it's body still twitching in his hands. I was told that Andrew had held the snake down as he smashed its head with a rock.
  • We are hard core campers.
#9. Imagine a collage of food.
  • The meals were planned well, cooked well and tasted better than well.
  • Each day, a different family was in charge of preparing breakfast & dinner. In honor of the South, Andrew and I made grits, eggs & hash for breakfast and had BLT's w/corn on the cob for dinner.
#10. Singing around the campfire
  • Sara accompanied the group with her guitar playing skills
  • Shipley and Wickman provided the most entertainment with the Hershey Bar song
  • We burned tumbleweed in honor of Grandma Helen
  • This final picture reminds me of song we neglected to perform:
There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza.
There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza
There's a hole.
Then fix it, Dear Henry, Dear Henry, Dear Henry (etc)


Ami said...

I love all of the pictures and stories...especially the re-cap of Eliza's first waterskiing experience! I'm glad it was such a fun vacation!

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

Did we have the best time or what!! Thanks for all you do to chronicle our trip. It is priceless!!! love ya so MOM

Ashley said...

I too had a hard time learning how to use the lake as a "Potty" it took awhile but at Lake Powell I was finally able to get used to it.

Emily said...

Yay for Lake Powell! It looks like you guys had a blast on the water and with family. We've never done the Lake Powell thing (maybe when I was a toddler) but I think it looks like a great vacation spot! I can't believe how grown up your kids are - they are changing so quickly!

Dave and Lacey said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had an awesome vacation! I love the collages you put together and all the pictures are great. I think its awesome you record all of the little details of your experiences so that you can remember them!