Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bonding with a new camera, Henry at 18 months

I interrupt my 'vacation to Utah travelogue recap' with a spur of the moment blog dedicated to Henry. As we acquaint ourselves with a new camera (on loan from a generous family member), I realized how close to the surface my thoughts on Henry are. Halfway through the post, it dawned on me that he turned 18 months old yesterday. That's kind of a milestone, right?

Look at that face.
Can you blame me for being swallowed up by his charms?
His kissable cheeks, his round baby blues and too cute for words voice makes him a definite favorite around our house. He's absolutely in my top three!! Even his sister can't get enough him.
His curiosity compels him to follow. The tiny dare devil lives to walk on the edge (ie: the edge of the couch). He senses the danger, he feels the risk.To my dismay, it thrills him!! My concerned response motivates him further. Instinctively, I call out a warning. He smiles back in defiance.As the firm tone in my voice intensifies, so do his giggles. He's laughing hysterically. I move the ottoman to the center of the room. Without missing a beat, he climbs on top of it and dances. He's a split second from falling. I move the ottoman to the front room of the house. It's dark in there. His excitement is feeding off of my growing frustration. Doing his best to beat me to the punch, he attempts to climb it again.

I do the next best thing. I move the ottoman into the bathroom.

In speaking with my Mother in law, it would seem that Henry has inherited another "Andrew trait;" which is the impossibility of being disciplined. He isn't being sent to time-out quite yet. His warnings or "lessons" revolve around keeping him safe. He is curious about the stove, especially around dinner time and he loves to climb and dance on all surfaces (as I just explained).

When outside with his Dad, he'll race to the edge of the driveway, stop abruptly and turn to make eye contact. He taunts him with another smile. We've been to the library enough that he makes a bee line for the automatic doors of its entrance whenever he's set free to roam. The examples continue in my head.

Ah. Henry. You are our beautiful boy who we love so much. Despite your thrill seeking ways, we are having SO MUCH FUN with you. In passing conversation, you'll catch your Daddy or me saying to the other how we love the stage you're in. Your personality kills me! When in your comfort zone, you'll throw your blue blanket on your head, patiently wait a moment before pulling it off for a scare.

"BOO!" you shout! Generous with cuddles, you're quick to offer a hug and kiss. "MWAH!" is the sound that accompanies each kiss followed by a round of clapping. In public settings or when with people you don't know, you're content to watch from my lap. Overall, you're is an easy going chap!

Your Mama.

Sunday will be his first visit to Nursery. I have no idea what to expect. With Eliza, I predicted an easy and happy transition. Henry will either:

A. sit in the corner, shell shocked by the friendly chaos,
B. glue himself into the lap of nursery worker and keep a sealed lip or
C. cry like a sad puppy under the coloring table.

I was five months pregnant with Henry when Eliza went to nursery. I remember telling myself to enjoy the calm before the next baby arrived. With Eliza, we spent months walking the halls at Church, trying to keep up with her incessant need to be busy. With Henry, we make it through Sacrament meeting without a problem every week. Andrew teaches every Sunday with him in his lap or he'll play and eat crackers under the classroom table.

As for Miss Eliza
She started pre-school this week. Wow. Talk about challenging moments. She loves going to pre-school. It's getting her to come home that's been an issue. Not to mention, my ego has totally been wounded :)

More on this lovely lady after I finish off our trip to Utah. I'm still hopeful we'll be able to recover what was lost on our camera card. THANK YOU for all of y'alls recommendations.
I have to ask... what type of child were you? Does it scare you when you see certain aspects of yourself in your children?


Audra said...

Yes! is my answer to your question! I see my own stubborn-ness in Kate and Ian's patience in her too!

Henry is so cute and he sounds like quite the little dare-devil!

*Jess* said...

How was I as a child? Spoiled rotten. Hardly ever disciplined. If my mom or dad said "NO", I had 3 older brothers that would say "YES" to me :) I never cleaned my room, or used my manners. I was greedy and selfish and did whatever I wanted when I wanted. I outgrew all of those traits when I went to live with my Dad and Stepmom at age 11. Thank goodness! Now my mom says I'm way too hard on Jaina because I expect her to clean her room and use manners and not be selfish. She says, "I remember a little girl who didn't do those things." Well, maybe I want Jaina to not have to learn things the hard way at age 11, you know?

Christi said...

How'd he do in nursery? Josh hated it until he turned 2, but now he LOVES it. Josh is also a little daredevil. He jumps off of everything and it scares me to death.

I don't know what kind of a child I was. Probably just obnoxious :)

Liz Green said...

Cute pictures. What type of camera did you get? I'm thinking we are ready for a new one too.

Emily said...

Great pictures and post! And my answer to your question is also YES! Joseph, essentially, is me. He is very cautious and hesitant to try new things. He is a picky eater. He has one speed - SLOW! LOL! He also seems to hold a grudge for quite some time. Do you remember that post about William spilling the sacrament water on him? Yeah, he still brings that up occassionally! (VERY much like me, unfortunately!!!) But he does have some of my decent qualities!

Jen Bowen said...

I think Zach and Henry would get along so well together and probably get into so much trouble. With so many things you said about Henry I'd think to myself that yep, Zach does that too. He is such a cute little boy!