Monday, September 28, 2009

Flegal Family 2009

To our loving Nana's, When you're ready to discuss your personal selection, be prepared to help me with my own. I'm at a loss. That's what happens when your Utah based photographer is stellar and provides you with a myriad of great choices. Thanks again, Savannah! Love, Ali & family

The family shots:

Let's begin by giggling (or cringing, depending on the type of person you are) at Andrew's sock/shoe choice. Don't worry ladies, Savannah knows how to crop! Looking at his handsome face, it's easy to forgive the fashion miss!
Next up, we have the, "Let's Pretend We're Acting Natural" shots. I mean, 'cause REALLY; I'm that bubbly. Always. Can you imagine me caffeinated? Yikes!

(Here's to hoping can smell the hint of sarcasm.)

The candid poses:
Trying to make Henry smile, we sing a Southern fave, "Five Fat Sausages" (pronounced, SOW-SUH-JIZ)
Henry thinks, "How about I even things up a bit by projecting the total opposite facial expression of my Mother. She's pretty much the Cheesecake Factory. Consider me, the Anti-Cheese or the realist."But then, he gives in. How can you resist that much happy?

To you, dear reader, the onslaught of Eliza's face may appear to be the exact same picture. As for me, I love each expression. They represent a unique thought.

Child of God

Despite Henry's continued skepticism, I fell in love with this picture.
Brother & Sister = Best Friends
These may be my favorites.
Black and white or color? What fancies you? Truth be told, I don't expect you to care. Unless you're my Mom. Or His Mom.


jamie t. said...

What beautiful pictures! I love all of them... color and black and white. I did giggle at your hubbys shoes. Thank goodness for cropping :)

Chris and Annalisa said...

Your kids are adorable! You're all adorable!!!

Melissa and Allen said...

so cute. i love them so much. i'm too critical of mine!

B-dizzle said...

Take 'em all.

Jen Bowen said...

Sorry, I won't be much help at picking favorites but I really enjoyed looking at them. I think the brother/sister pics were my favorite. I can't believe how grown up Eliza is looking. She is such a beautiful little girl. You have such a cute family!

nateandalliewilcox said...

Such cute photos! I really love the black and white ones. I would keep all of them!

Sam said...

Gorgeous family!! Love them!

I'm A. said...

3rd one down is precious.

Audra said...

I love your family pictures! She did a great job! Your kiddos are darling and you and Andrew look super good too!

Emily said...

I love ALL of the pictures! Tell your photographer she did an amazing job! You guys look fantastic - that color worked so well for your whole family. I've been debating what to have us all wear for a photo shoot with Brooklyn and about all I can think is black :) Seriously - I think they all turned out so great and how fun to capture your family at this stage in your life!

Michelle said...

I wish my kids would be that cooperative during pictures together. They are cute!