Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Nursery Tale

"Brother Flegal?" The man places his hand on my husband's shoulder. Turning to face him, Andrew smiles his response.

"Are you free the second hour for a meeting with the stake young men presidency?" Of course he wouldn't deny the stake young men president's request. Fully committed to following through on anything church related, I knew what his reply would be. That's why I felt surprise as I witnessed his momentary hesitation. Andrew looked at Henry with concern.

"You see," he said as he gestured toward the child in his lap, "it's my son's first day of nursery."Suddenly, Andrew was beaming with pride. I start to giggle. Since receiving my calling as primary chorister, Andrew's been in charge of Henry for the remaining two hours of Church. Each week, he'd magically rock Henry to sleep in the halls during the second hour in hopes that he'd be a happier boy as he taught the third hour.

Perhaps I should be more sensitive to the fact that this milestone was affecting him more than me. Weird, but it might be true. Having missed the class on keeping your train of thought to yourself, Andrew began sputtering his inner dialogue aloud.

"It was my plan to sit with him for the first half of our nursery. If he was doing well, I'd sneak away to teach my class." Rubbing his chin, he paused for a moment. "But if my absence upset him, I'd take him with me." He looks at me with resolve in his eyes.

"We'll just start him in nursery next week." Before the man could talk Andrew out of that idea, , I interjected.

"Andrew. He'll be fine. I can take him." I see the protest forming on his lips. "If there's a problem, I'll have them bring him to you or me."

"They won't know where I am." Did I detect a hint of panic?

"Find out and then quickly let them know." I'm not annoyed, I'm amused.

"You're just going to drop him off? And leave him there?" Man, I almost felt guilty. However, those feelings were overshadowed by the awe that I felt that he and I had completely reserved roles. He's more maternal than I thought! And with feigned confidence, I swooped up Henry, reached out for Eliza's hand and escorted my two children to nursery.

Feeling somewhat insecure, I opt to take Henry to opening exercises with me. After we did our conduct the music thing, I took him to nursery. After one look at the pile of toys, he was off. I slipped out easily. The reports that followed at the end of the day were positive.

"He didn't cry once." and "He didn't have a single problem with anyone." The nursery leaders seemed surprised and pleased. Insert huge *sigh of relief* It probably doesn't hurt to have his big sister in there either. I can't believe she'll be a sunbeam in January. Great job Henry! We're so proud of you!

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*Jess* said...

awww! What a milestone! And a great Daddy :)

B-dizzle said...

So, why did they want to talk to Andrew?

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

I'm so in love with my grandchildren, and so happy that my son is such a tender heart.

Liz Green said...

I'm way jealous. Wish Truman was that easy.