Sunday, October 11, 2009


"It's maggots" I say confidently. "Whatever has died in our garage has evolved into an infestation of maggots."

It's a shame Andrew and I can't locate the origin of the stench.

The sense of smell has the power to call back memories. As a youth, I remember shopping for a perfume and having to disregard certain favorites as I'd already identified them with a friend of mine. To this day, when I smell the perfume, cool water, I think of my friend Christi. Its scent calls back her smiling face, sky themed painted bedroom and trademark laugh.

I bought a specific type of hairspray when I moved to South Carolina. It's the same brand my Mom has on her bathroom shelf. Whenever I spray it, I feel connected to her. Kind of weird, but that's what long distances do to you.

Not all scents serve up favorable memories. It's been 7 years since I've smelt maggots. Dear reader, I hope that you haven't the slightest of idea what they smell like. I'm struggling to find an adjective that justifies the insane odor that I've come to associate with these foulest of creatures.

Flashback June 2002

A few weeks after Andrew had left on his mission, a nasty individual(s) egged the inside of my car while I was at work. They kindly smashed eggs underneath the driver's floor mat. The unintelligent "nasty" neglected to take into consideration my employer's parking lot security camera which is why I can say that this act of cruelty was not random. It was the wad of chewed gum that had been strategically placed on the underside of my door handle that tipped me off. I was clueless about the egg for days. Finally, due to a stench powerful enough to wake the dead, the situation demanded that I deal with it.

It was a Saturday morning when I felt the inkling to check the floor mat. To my horror and complete disdain I saw the remaining egg shells accompanied by a myriad of fat, slimy maggots. I nearly passed out. My heroic brother Mike stepped in to clean it out for me. Meanwhile, I sobbed and vomited in my street.

It was the return of this ugly remembrance that has helped me realize that our garage is suffering in a major way. Andrew's concerned there's a dead rat peacefully rotting away somewhere. I haven't the slightest idea of the cause but am thinking the effect involves maggots. So gross. Our home teachers are headed to our house this afternoon. Would you have the audacity to ask them to help you?


Ami said...

I think you should definitely ask the home teachers for help, when they ask their token "Well, is there anything we can do for you?"

Take a picture of their faces (and then post it) when you reply, "Yes! Can you please help us find some hidden maggots in our garage?"

*Jess* said...

My friend who cloth diapers found maggots in her diaper pail! In her house!!!

Big hugs (hug)

Christi said...

Ewwwwwww....maggots. I hope you find the source of the smell soon! That's so thoughtful of you to remember me and cool water :). I haven't had any for a long time, but now I want some!

Audra said...

Yuck! I don't want to know what they smell like! and I am grossed out about the diaper pail comment, another reason to switch to disposables!

Keersten said...

I so couldn't finish your post! Ewww! But I do get the other stuff. I have one of the dresses my Mom wore often when I was growing up hanging in the back of my closet (along with my sadly size 4 wedding suit, ahem). Anyway! Same memory association thing. :)

A and M's Mom said...

My Dad once left a carton of chicken livers in his trunk after an afternoon of fishing. They sat there for several days in the Georgia summer sun. The car never smelled right again.

As to positive memory smells. Grandma used a makeup or perfume or something that had a distinctive smell. Every now and then I smell it on someone, and memories of her flood my brain.

The Tate Family said...

That is so funny...the smell of cool water reminds me of my good friend from high school-Kristy:)! Sick about the maggots!

Ali said...

Ami, I did ask them to investigate (I wasn't serious). They laughed in my face!


Keers, I'm so sorry. I should have written a disclaimer to pregnant women, encouraging them to skip the post!

A & M's Mom: DING DING DING... It was Chicken Livers!

Emily said...

What a horrid thing to have happened to you! You don't seem the type to have enemies. . . but apparently there's a secret side you. . .:) Just kidding. Glad to hear that the source of the stench was found in your garage. NASTY!!