Monday, October 5, 2009

Raising A Gentelman

Don't let her choice of apparel fool you.
She was rather insistent that we dress her in this, despite the warm weather. Andrew and I were content in our short sleeve t-shirts. It's nice to know her snow clothes from last season still fit (yes she was wearing her snow pants underneath).

Do you remember when Andrew discovered this? What's the saying? One man's junk is Andrew's treasure?
Saying it is one of the best things he's done for the kids, he brought the abandoned vehicle back to life.

Eliza spent a fair amount of time figuring out how to reverse herself out of awkward situations such as: engaging the trees in hand to limb combat.

Our yard has proven to be an ideal location for their expeditions. Henry happily plays the part of "shotgun" rider... unless, Talon's around. In keeping with my desire to resurrect chivalry, today's lesson from Miss Manner's focuses on dating. Assuming he's interested in taking her out in 13 years, we went over some guidelines.

1. Gentlemen, be on time when picking up your lady friend. Or else.It makes them mad.

2. Look (and smell!!) cute! (CHECK!)3. Open and close doors for her.3. Make sure she's home before her 6:30 pm curfew.
What lessons or rules ought we be teaching our young'ens to prepare them to be polite, morally inclined, respectful people? (Yes, I'm still thinking about conference. Wasn't it awesome?) What's general conference you ask? Here's a news write up!

Who else is terrified that their adorable toddler will one day be a teenager?! GAH!!!


Audra said...

Me! I hope Kate is more like Ian and less like myself! I think I would rather have a tantrum-throwing, potty-training, wild and crazy toddler than a sassy, snooty, rebellious teenager!

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Hey there! I think our fellow friends include Becca Boo and then Emily and Rachel Grow (now Sheldon and Law) :) However, I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog while you were in Germany (I'm German . . . or I guess my mother and her family is and so I just loved it).

*Jess* said...

I try not to think about it!

Shipley said...

Andrew is a genius and I am very jealous of all your green grass. I absolutely love your new family pics!