Friday, October 2, 2009

Reunited. At Last.

Despite my best effort to be punctual, I regularly neglect the simple chore of changing my kitchen calendar. A week after the fact, Andrew kindly reminds me that we're living in a new month. However, yesterday proved to be the exception. I must really like October. I'm looking forward to pumpkin spice muffins, Halloween costumes, Autumn leaves, eating my kid's Halloween candy, Jim & Pam's wedding on the Office, etc.

My happy Autumn thoughts were halted as I glanced up at our new month's picture. What the snowman? Candy canes? Well, that's somewhat annoying. Let's just say Andrew can't blame me if I'm found humming a Christmas carol (or two) a few months early. When you're looking at Frosty all day, it does things to you.

In other news, Eliza has a happy announcement.

("Hey y'all. My boyfriend's back!")

Eliza and Talon are what I like to call, star-crossed playmates. This is their sad and sometimes lonely tale.

It began last Spring. They were kept apart by a series of out of state family visits. One week, we'd be lucky enough to host a family member. Following which, the Blasers were welcoming someone from theirs. We kept up this pattern for weeks. Seriously. Summer arrived and with it came illness. Talon was out of commission for awhile and just as he became well enough to play, we'd come down with something. Four days after returning home from our marathon vacation, Michelle and co. left for a two week trip to Utah. Like I said, star crossed.

All relationships face oppostion; distance, three year old emotionally infused tantrums, naughty spells, etc. Still, they've worked through their sharing issues, adjustments to Pre-school and so forth. It's just good to see them together again.Fearing another long separation, Eliza pauses a moment, takes a deep breath and says (click on image to read),
Welcome back, Blasers. We're looking forward to hanging out with you and Jimmy's stash of swiss chocolate as soon as possible.


Keersten said...

Man, she is so cute--and so big!

*Jess* said...

yay! they're back!

Davis Family said...

What in the heck is up with that calendar?!

That being said, how cute are those kids? How fun for them to have each other.

Michelle said...

We missed you guys sooo much! It almost felt like we broke-up. We have to coordinate our vacations and illnesses better. Your chocolate is looking so good we need to hang out asap before it gets eaten. XOXOXO