Sunday, November 22, 2009

he had the nerve to suggest we make stew

Eliza's been pleading for a pet lately. I attribute her desire to our latest library DVD rental, The Wonder Pets. Dumping out our blue bucket of blocks, she'll cut out circles of construction paper and then proceed to fasten four of them with a smidge of tape (for wheels) to the bucket. After securing her purple cape, she sits in her self-designed fly boat and sails away on a rescue mission, singing:

"Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets! We're on our way
To help a friend and save the day
We're not too big and we're not too tough
But when we work together, we've got the right stuff!"

You can imagine the surge of joy she felt on Saturday when her Daddy introduced her to him...

(or her - we're not really sure).

"A possum!! Mama, come down and look! A pet!"

"A what?" I thought. I don't know why I felt surprised when I realized Eliza's announcement was truthful; especially when you consider past events.

I suppose, the rest is history.

Well, except for the part that we didn't let her keep it. She wasn't allowed near the cage for that matter. After outlining our plan to reunite the disease infested creature with its loving family, she seemed okay about their separation.

Its nasty array of teeth didn't necessarily give her a batch of warm fuzzies either.

What's that? You're wondering who engineered this chance meeting? One guess, kids.Combine his brain, a spare trap and a stale peanut butter sandwich and Wahlah = Possum.

After witnessing the opossum's escape, I've concluded they are not the brightest of creatures. I'm not sure what Noah was thinking when he invited a pair of them on his ark. If it had been up to me, I would not have extended the invite.

All of the fear, anxiety and over-reacting... that's all genuine. So you can imagine how foolish we felt as we watched him lazily saunter away.


Davis Family said...

I'm sure it wasn't funny in the moment...but that was pretty funny. :)

And I thought it was bad that we have squirrels in our backyard that drink out of our play water table while the kids are out there!

Ang said...

Oh, man, I was sure glad to get to the part that said you guys weren't keeping that thing. It looks like a farrett with a creepy nose/mouth!

Ali said...

Pet are supposed to help alleviate bad dreams... not cause them. He was definitely not invited to stay.

Don't worry Camille, we were laughing throughout the adventure. He was creepy - through & through.

Keersten said...

Ugh, can I just say that these guys are one thing I don't miss from my Oregon days; they can be nasty. However, one thing I do miss is Andrew's cute excited little boy look. Awesome.

A and M's Mom said...

I cannot wait to show this to Erik. My big strong husband is totally creeped out by possums. One of them hissed at him in the dark when he was little.
My Dad used to catch possums, raccoons and cats in those traps.