Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Headache That Doesn't Matter

(*Insert large dose of sarcasm here) I'm such a "good" Mom.

At this moment, my daughter is upstairs hunting down her Nanna Teresa in an attempt to weasel out a batch of pancakes. Meanwhile, Andrew and I are lazily engulfed in a cozy, blue love sac. Our respective laptops were open as we mutually disregarded her request for breakfast.

..... ...... ...... ...... .....

Eliza just reappeared a moment ago with a large bag of pancake mix. I've been informed that her Nanna has kindly obliged to make her pancakes. This is my definition of vacation.

..... ...... ...... ...... ......

Turns out that Nanna Teresa has a church calling to fulfill. I made the pancakes. Still, I don't deserve forgiveness because I was incredibly willing (at that moment) to sit back and do nothing.

Returning to the previously scheduled download of thoughts:

The majority of my Christmas shopping was completed last April when I was given a tip regarding ridiculously low priced airfare ('low' for our area, anyway). With a recent deposit of a tax return, I didn't hesitate to set the dates of our travel that far in advance.

Our Christmas would be spent 1900 miles away from our home. It's easy to be overcome by the stress of the situation. The pressure of keeping us healthy, saving money for the additional bags of checked luggage, finding a substitute primary chorister, delivering cookies to friends and awkwardly asking friends to take us to the airport (etc.) were at the forefront of my mind in the days that led up to our departure.

Upon arrival, the stress continues as you strive to maintain proper decorum as you play the role of gracious visitor/guest (please disregard the aforementioned pancake incident before passing judgment on how well we are currently succeeding in this endeavor). You do your best to assimilate your young children to new beds, adjust to a different schedule, squeeze in visits with friends and ask your parents to drive you various places which is completely reminiscent of when you were an awkward 14 year old in need of a ride to your friend's house.

Yesterday, Eliza had her first real meltdown. 15 minutes into her tantrum, I asked her if she remembered the reason behind her tears.

"I WANT TO GO HOME!!!" She yelled.

"To South Carolina?"

"Yes. I miss my purple bed!"

Her days have been so full of awesomeness that she needed time to mellow. Last night provided that opportunity as we spent family night talking about New Year goals with her grandparents and Aunt Katie & Uncle Brent.

The question of the day: Is it worth it?

Next year, if we're fortunate to come across such blessed airfare, will we come?

Yes, Yes, YES! A thousand times 'Yes'.

Dear future self,

When consumed with the above mentioned hassle and work, please remember that it's always worth it. From the second we rode the escalator down to the baggage claim and you saw Eliza run into the arms of your Mom and Dad, it was worth it.

Current Self

Today's post featured the opposition associated with traveling over the holidays. Coming up (in the days to come) next will be a gag inducing, gush fest of how wonderful it is to be surrounded by family.

In all seriousness, we feel fortunate to report that most serious of our ailments came in the form of a nasty goose egg Henry acquired after making contact with a wall. I hope that when it comes time to pack our bags and board that plane, I'll have nothing else of ill report.

Before I fall way behind on pictures (blogging is best when I'm blogging in the present); here's a look at our Christmas Eve & Day festivities.

Christmas Eve:
Sledding with family and friends.
Dinner at the Mays ranch.
Putting out cookies for Santa.
New Jammies. New ornament.
Singing around the tree.
Eliza playing with Nana's nativity set as we sing, The Nativity Song.
Playing 'Santa' for a second time once the kiddos are in bed.

Christmas Morning
Santa Came
Breakfast at Flegals
Presents around the tree
Tears as parents read the book(s) I spent 40+ hours creating
The children being smothered by Aunts & Uncles

Christmas Evening
Family diner at my parents,
"bonding" with Matt & Mike
more gifts exchanged
New jammies for me
having the luxury to interact with the ones I love most.


Keersten said...

Even when you really want to be there; traveling is hard! Especially getting little ones to sleep well. Mike got some great pics of Andrew and Eliza sledding. We'll send them to you. I say savor the laziness while you can! (...and don't feel bad at all.)

Davis Family said...

I agree that although hard to travel, it's totally worth it...mostly. :) I miss having my parents make my kids breakfast each morning, it was a nice vacation for me.

Michelle said...

Ali..is theresomething you need to tell me about your new jammies. If I remeber right, they were purple.