Friday, December 11, 2009

A Merry Moment, Indeed

Moments after sitting on the lap of Santa Claus, Eliza exclaimed:"Mama, Santa was so nice to me!"

Truth be told, it wasn't until after her second visit to his lap that she made the magical declaration.
As evident by the following footage, she wasn't entirely satisfied with their first meeting as she found herself overshadowed by a most unhappy younger brother.

It's fair to say that Henry wasn't a fan of Santa Claus or the attention of the audience. However, he is quite fond of his sister Eliza. I was lucky to capture one of the things that pleases me most in life.
Due to my daughter's magical countenance, my personal anticipation for Christmas has never been higher. And I suppose I ought to add that Andrew's eight year old self emerges each time the subject of gifts arises... and that, in my opinion, is likewise fueling the holiday merrymaking.

You should see how hard he's been trying to get Eliza to identify the gift she and I picked up for him the other day. My little soldier had done her duty to keep those lips of hers sealed. Still, I have found it prudent to feed her false information in case he is able to weasel out my hiding place, etc.
Tis the season. It's passing by too quickly. I want to bottle these children up (Andrew included) and keep them like this forever.


Michelle said...

Cute sweaters! Santa is going to bring them extra presents.

Ang said...

Ali, we got your Christmas card and it was so cute!

Marsh Mayhem said...

What darling kids! At least you got Henry on Santa's lap ... Clara took one look at him and burst into tears! Ah, memories!

The Tate Family said...

Cute hair! How classic that Henry cries on Santa's lap...cute kids!

A and M's Mom said...

Do I hear you in the video asking if Andrew got a picture, and him saying do you want one? That made me laugh.
(I have pictures of both my kids screaming on Santa's lap)

Davis Family said...

So cute! Christmas is so magic with little kids (and big kids)!

B-dizzle said...

did you cut your hair? -betty

Liz Green said...

I agree. Time is going by too fast. I'm still quite impressed that Henry still had the courage to sit on Santa's lap. I couldn't even get Truman to let go of me.