Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Snow Princess And Her Toboggan

Friday the 18th, South Carolina received a surprising, yet beautiful, batch of snow.

Naturally, Andrew was sent home from work two hours early due to the "inclement weather." I'll keep the mocking to a minimum since it meant our Christmas vacation began two hours earlier than expected; but I'm not exaggerating when I say that pretty much our entire city/area is shut down whenever the word "snow" appears in our local forecast.Eliza was elated to see the snow!! Our 'Carolina Christmas' suddenly felt complete. Our plans to welcome Santa a few days early to accommodate travel plans seemed natural. Between packing suitcases, wrapping gifts and celebrating our "Christmas morning" with our family of four; Eliza's hope and expectation to frolic in the snow was sadly pushed aside. The morning of the 19th was bright. Despite the merriment of the day, Eliza was horrified to discover large patches of grass peaking through our snow covered lawn.

"The snow!" she hollered. "Where is it going, Mom?" Her delight at its arrival had been replaced with a blurred sense of confusion and disappointment. I tried to ease my guilty conscience with promises of a snow-filled, winter wonderland that was eagerly awaiting her in Utah. After a smooth day of travel, we arrived.

And let's just say, she wasted no time with introductions. Ignoring our plea to wait for her snow pants, she happily dropped into the snow to create her first (of many) snow angels. As I watched from the kitchen window, she played alone in my Mom's backyard. The next day, her Dad joined her out back.

Loading Eliza and a sled into a red flyer wagon, Andrew took her to a near by park where the pair of them indulged in a bit of sledding or as Eliza prefers to call it, tobogganing. She is a huge fan of Calliou, who happens to be Canadian - and that's what he calls it.

Christmas Eve, they met up with friends and family at an even steeper slope. This was the report I received:

"Before I had time to put my boots on, Eliza was already down the hill."

Quickly claiming the purple sled, she helped herself onto it. Her excitement easily propelled her down the hill. Have yourself a looksie at one of her runs.

I couldn't believe how fast she flew! If your volume is up, you may be able to hear her peals of laughter. Next time, she's wearing a helmet.

More to come on the awesome nature of our trip.


Michelle said...

It's so good to see you guys having fun in the snow. I totally wouldn't have expected that of Eliza, that's awesome! We miss you guys.

Audra said...

How fun! We don't have enough snow to go sledding here. Maybe in January!