Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year

Falling asleep last night was seriously awesome.

After a 15 night absence, Andrew and I were happily reunited with our pillows, comforter and feather top mattress. Having began our morning of travel at 4:30 a.m, it's fair to say that sleep came instantly. After sharing sleeping quarters with Eliza and Henry, the opportunity to close their bedroom doors after bidding them "goodnight" was a gift as they didn't find reason to wake us before morning.

Focusing on the small moments of relief helps to assuage the feelings of sadness that accompanied me home following a two week stay in Utah. While the memory of hugging my Mom goodbye early yesterday morning is still painfully fresh, I have to say I'm proud of myself for not being a total mess today.

My gratitude for the memories we created hasn't left much room for feelings of disappointment. We made the most of the time we had. And while each of us passed a cough back and forth while swathing our feet in vicks vapor rub; there were no fevers, trips to the doctor or Christmas Day Instacare visits.

I'm pleased to report that the kids have quickly fallen back into the "swing of things." So far this morning I have:
  • thwarted Henry from unwrapping a stick of margarine,
  • played a game of 'Candy Land' with Eliza,
  • kissed two of Eliza's hurts 'all better' after she crashed into the wall after failing to balance on a ball,
  • helped Henry throw back all of the trash that he took out of the garbage can,
  • been informed by Eliza that it's Henry's nap time. Henry, who at the moment is reorganizing my pots, seems to be getting on her nerves.
The day feels normal because of where we are, but weird because of where we just were.

Transitioning back to life is a little slower for the parents. Andrew painfully returned to work after a ridiculously long break/vacation this morning. As for me, I have a long 'to-do' list, outlined in pink crayon, that I made while on the plane yesterday. Blogging, unfortunately, is absent from that list which means that the final barrage of holiday photos will have to wait until my kids have something more than oatmeal, stale graham crackers and applesauce to eat. Not to mention, we are dangerously low on toilet paper.

As this is my first official post of the New Year, I'd like to wish you all a Happy 2010.

2008 was the year of great change:
  • Henry's happy arrival,
  • Andrew's graduation,
  • A move to South Carolina
  • Building a home
2009 was about establishing and creating that new life while maintaining the cherished relationships with those we love in Utah. Things I'm most proud of from 2009:
  • Family night happened (most) Monday nights
  • My cooking, my cooking, my cooking! It is quite good! Andrew would probably have that on his list too.
  • Sitting together each night at the dinner table is regular and a 'look forward to' event.
  • Eliza's preschool
  • New Moon (just kidding - oh wait, I'm not.)
  • Experiencing for the first time: Myrtle Beach, Charleston, D.C., meeting Andrew's relatives
  • Finding a way to budget that works well for both of us
  • The promotion that came during the height of a recession
  • Buying our first piece of exercise equipment
2010: I hope to...
  • Actually using the above mentioned piece of exercise equipment (elliptical)
  • Become brave and paint one of our walls a different color
  • Learn the 'ins and outs' of the coupon world
  • Attend the temple (Andrew or myself) monthly. We're two hours away from the nearest one; which turns into a seven hour day...not to mention finding and paying for a sitter, so I figure if at least one of us goes, we're good.
  • Convince Andrew to take the family to Disney World - or the new Harry Potter theme park - either one works for me.
Henry hopes to
  • Use the big boy potty
  • Move into a big boy bed
Eliza hopes to
  • Eat whatever it is Mom makes for dinner
Welcome 2010!


Davis Family said...

Reading your post is like a much more eloquent version of my feelings coming back from Utah. :) It will be fun seeing how your family growns and changes in the next year!

Ashley said...

If you all do a day of service at a participating location you can all get a one day Disney pass for free this year!

B-dizzle said...

those sound great. I haven't even made a list yet. -Betty

Audra said...

Wow! 7 hours to go to the temple! I should go to one of the two that are 30 minutes away! Happy 2010 to you too!

Michelle said...

Ali, Let me help you accomplish one of your goals.... pack up and let's head to Disney! I am so glad you are back. (So is Talon)

A and M's Mom said...

Ali, I am on board with Disney or the Harry Potter park. I can help you plan on a budget too!

Heidi said...

I vote Islands of Adventure in Florida (with the new addition of Harry Potter land). I promise you it is the best theme park you will go to in your lifetime. No joke. And I can't wait to go back for the HP part.

I'm glad you were able to come back for Christmas... there seriously isn't any place like home for the holidays. I hope 2010 brings some good things for you!

Jen Bowen said...

I've been wanting to figure out the miracles of couponing I've heard people talk about. Let me know if you figure out any good pointers.