Friday, January 8, 2010

The Onslaught

Here are the few remaining photos from our holiday trip to Salt Lake. Categorizing them as the "top ten favorite moments" (or however many there are) helps tone down the chaos of documentation. Allow me, dear blog, this bombardment so I can return to 'present day' blogging.

Beginning with the most simple of arrangements:

#1. Date Night(s)
  • Cheesecake factory with the Campbells & Moores (glad we survived that drive, Allen)
  • Games with friends
  • Top gun and Cafe Rio with my brother Matt and his special lady friend(!!!!!)
  • A most memorable session at the Salt Lake temple with Andrew, my parents and brother Matt.
  • Attending 'Savior of the World' with the Flegal family
#2. My children with their cousins

  • It's a relief to see these bonds between our children grow despite the distance between them.
  • With every play date or outing, the desire for "this to be the norm" grew.
  • Sunday dinner at Nanna's house: dress ups, Candy Land, Hi Ho Cherry-Oh, Computer games, make believe, chicken nuggets
  • Seeing the Mays family's new home; thanks for lunch Jen!
  • Watching Henry meet my niece Sara for the first time. He was beside himself with excitement whenever he was near her. He has never reacted that way with anyone. It was hard to explain but a total joy to watch.
  • Continuing the Build a Bear tradition with Nana Marie and her grand girls
  • Eliza insisted on driving back with Emilee
  • Lunch at McDonalds
  • More time together at Nana's house
#3. Lunch and Shopping with my Mom and Sister.

  • Normandie Bakery; fun to see a high school friend while out with Ami and Mom. Although (Whitney) I'm pretty sure if I seemed 'somewhere else' - it's because I figured out later on that I had mistakenly took nyquil rather than dayquil in my hurry to be out the door that morning.
  • Down East Outfiters and Old Navy: Felt like it was my birthday; shopping with two of my favorite people in the world.
#4. Extended Family Visits
  • Celebrating Christmas with Andrew's Mom's side of the family
  • Meeting for lunch with my Aunts (Happy Birthday Dawnette!), cousin, sisters, etc.
  • Red Robbins: Met in the back room, the girls played 'London Bridge is Falling Down' and 'Ring around the Rosie' while we chatted
  • Took a field trip to the Ladies room with the little girls. They thought that was great.
#5. Watching your parents fall back in love with your children.
  • Rocking Henry to sleep and/or cuddling him post-naptime
  • Reading to our children
  • Eliza sitting by each Nana as they got ready in the morning and chatting with them
#6. Time with Grandma Flegal

  • Christmas morning breakfast
  • Savior of the World
  • A special play date with Truman at her house (our former place of residence)
#7. Holy Crap, I love my friends.
  • Date night with our husbands
  • Breakfast at Millcreek Cafe
  • Christmas get together with Andrew's engineering comrades (and their awesome wives, whom I adore)
  • A play date with the Laura, Brayden and Sarah (sad I didn't take a picture) - wish I'd seen you more than that one time!!!
  • Sad I didn't see my other lovelies (you know who you are -Keersten, Emily Ellis, Everyone I missed at Angela's Christmas party - to name a few)
#8. Christmas Eve at my parents house

#9. Time with my Mom.

#10. Late night games with my in-laws... always stayed up too late, but the fun we had always made it worth it.

#11. New Years Eve. I have pictures but I can't post them. They may be of an illegal nature. Does it involve Alcohol? No way.
Does it involve explosive fireworks of a domestic nature? Perhaps.

It was an awesome trip.


The Tate Family said...

You look so good! It was really fun to see you but I wish we could have talked a bit more. Crazy night, I am sure! But, that is why you need to live closer so that we can hang out!

Davis Family said...

It looks like a fantastic trip! And might I add that you look rediculously beautiful in all the pictures? I'm sure you're always rediculously beautiful...I'm just pointint it out. :)

Audra said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Maybe you'll be in SLC this summer when I am!

Catherine said...

How freakin adorbale is your sister Ami? She reminds me sooooo much of you. What a happy Christmas break for you guys, Ali. Yeah for family! They're the best, aren't they? :)

B-dizzle said...

Sad we didn't make the cut. Maybe next year. It was fun to have you guys. -Betty

Ali said...


You totally 'made the cut!!' I just posted the pictures of you guys in the earlier two SLC posts "Being smothered by Aunts and Uncles" and "Sledding"

-not to mention, the game nights at your parents (Bang!) and New Years Eve. I cant post the photos, Andrew said!! Oh my goodness, we love you guys!!

Sara M. Taylor said...

I admit I am crying as I stroll through pictures of you guys all together with the family. Wish we could have been there. Love you and miss you!