Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!

Thanksgiving 2010

On Thanksgiving, my kitchen produced this.

Andrew and his brother Mike definitely contributed (see: sweet potatoes souffle and turkey) and kept my hands free of children. Even so, I couldn't help but have a

"Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid now!" type of moment.

As I ate, I realized that my attention was split between the turkey on my plate and the one on our playroom window. Was our attempt to convey the importance of gratitude a success? This month our morning (or whenever Eliza reminded me) would begin with a question.

"What are you thankful for?" Or, when searching for a response from Henry, I'd ask:

"What makes you happy?'

Here's what we were most thankful for in 2010:

  • trains
  • waffles
  • Thomas
  • Mommy bugs
  • lizards
  • birds
  • peacocks
  • God
  • painting
  • friends
  • healthy bodies
  • presents
  • Mommy giving us a new baby
  • butterflies
  • our world
  • food
  • princesses
  • back pack
  • the oven
  • family
  • healthy family
  • daddy's job
  • voting
  • daddy's help so I can sleep
  • a loving husband
  • beautiful weather
  • Eliza, Henry & Lottie
  • Nana Marie's visit
  • help of friends
(** stay tuned for the post I'm going to force my husband to write detailing how thankful he is for his family...)
Other highlights from the day included
  1. Sharing the day (and weekend) with Uncle Mike. The kids are thrilled that he's here. I'm happy we have another day with him before he makes the drive home.
  2. The 20 minute heads-up I received that Andrew invited a co-worker to join us for dinner. Typical husband. I loved having extra company and watching my husband straighten up the house THAT FAST.
  3. Skyping with our families- except that part kind of sucked too. Sometimes its easier pretending your entire family isn't at your Mom's house celebrating without you. I ache more for my kids than myself.
  4. The Thanksgiving day nap.
  • Filling the Tupperware with leftovers.
  • And dessert. This was dessert.
(Nom, Nom, Nom!)


Allison said...

Your dinner looked delicious! And I love Lottie's little turkey shirt. So cute!

Keersten said...

Looks like it was wonderful! Very impressive dinner!

*Jess* said...

That top family shot is gorgeous!! I think you should frame it :)

Love Lottie's shirt!

Ang said...

I LOVE your grateful turkey idea!!! So cute. You are going to have to remind me of that one next year :)

Karen said...

Looks like you had a fun day. I love Lottie's shirt and I LOVE the turkey idea. I've got to do that next year.

Mike Flegal said...

That little Peanut is such a delicious munchkin! I seriously miss her snuggles!

Liz Green said...

I love your Thanksgiving tradition in writing down things your thankful for. So glad Mike could be there celebrate with you.

Nikki said...

We did our own turkey dinner this year too and I also had that "I'm a big kid now" type feeling. My exact words were "Honey, do you feel like a man now after carving your first turkey? Because I feel like a real woman." Haha! It was a rewarding experience.