Monday, December 6, 2010

Deck the halls

"Mom, when is it going to snow?" Eliza asks again. Hearing the familiar request, Henry decides to chime in,

"I want to go swedding."

February 2010

We're crossing our fingers that we'll soon be dusting off our storage bin for a sledding trip. Their hearts are sure set on snow. The South has spoiled us with pleasant weather and we have welcomed it. However, as soon as the Christmas music returns, I start to pine for the snow. Snow is that visual tease that Christmas is right around the corner. For me, "Christmas time" is that magical blend of snow, holiday lights and hot chocolate. Alas.

In lieu of Mother Nature's wintry goodness, my family and I are doing our best to create those special feelings with traditional holiday projects. I begin with my dear spouse.

Getting in touch with his inner Clark Griswald, Andrew decided to go for that extra thrill when hanging our lights. I wasn't nervous until he requested that I come outside every so often, let out a whistle (which is weird because he knows that I can't) and wait for him to whistle a reply.
You can't tell from this picture, but I'm pretty sure he wet his pants.

Meanwhile, Eliza and Henry went to work making cards for the nine soldiers and three missionaries that are serving from our ward. That made for a most memorable family night lesson. Following the card making, we decorated the tree.

Thanksgiving weekend we ventured out (twice) to take family pictures for our Christmas card. It was awesome. Two minutes after sitting ourselves down, we realize that someone (that would be me) forgot to return the memory card to the camera. I was showered. My hair was done. We weren't rescheduling for another day. I thought this one was cute with the exception that we didn't include a most beloved family member.That hurt her feelings.

Despite the beautiful distractions, we found a keeper. Speaking of distractions, I don't know why I have spent so much time thumbing through ads in search of the perfect gifts for our children.

Coming home from a most painful Saturday morning trip to Walmart (Henry and I waited in line 28 minutes. I timed it.), I discovered that Andrew and Eliza had constructed a castle in our absence. Andrew even installed Eliza's flower shaped night-lite inside. It was fancy.

This box has provided three of my children (Andrew, Eliza & Henry) with hours of entertainment.

Eliza added a wreath. I thought that was charming.

When the box is on its side, it transforms into "Tidmouth Sheds."
I'm considering re-gifting this to the family this year. Well, at least I was until Henry decided to claim it as his own. Yesterday, Henry spent the afternoon in his underwear. I was encouraged as I watched him take himself to the potty to "try." You know where this story is headed. Let's just close by saying,

It's all fun and games until someone decides to PEE in the box.


Karen said...

We haven't had a lot of snow either, but it is cold, so it does feel like Christmas is coming. I love the fun things you're doing.

savanna said...

As always, I love your posts! Your kids get cuter every day! I will wish some snow in your direction!

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

I know I've told you before but I love your posts - they make me want your life. You have a way of making EVERYTHING you do sound totally thrilling and like it was the best. experience. ever.

Hope you get your snow sooner rather than later!

Ami said...

I guess it's better the box than the carpet?!?