Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Her letter to Santa

It came!
(click to enlarge. or not.)

My four year old wants a roller coaster. Sweet. I'm glad we've taught our daughter to dream big.

*side note: I'm sure proud of how she's learning to use her lower case letters.

Santa received word that our children have a few "pajama parties" coming up. Agreeing with him that it makes sense for them to wear their holiday jammies during the holidays, he kindly had them delivered early. Who needs snow when your children are dancing around in Christmas pajamas? (That's the spirit, Ali!)

Eliza and Henry are doing their best to behave nicely. We have snowman named Sherman. He reports to Santa on how well they're doing. They try hard to impress Sherman. As for me, Henry's taken it upon himself to keep me in line.

When I'm being naughty, a.k.a. am frustrating him beyond belief, he'll yell,

"No, no, no Mommy David Flegal" or sometimes it's just "Mommy David!" followed by a sigh of incredible annoyance.

His middle name is David. It's a shame that he associates it with being in trouble. It's an even greater shame that y'all assume he learned this from me! I swear, Eliza uses his full name too when she's frustrated with the dear child.

As for this little elf,

She's been nothing but nice. Lottie is a wonderful baby. She's cooing. I am so tickled to hear that sweet voice of hers. Shaping her mouth to form an "Oh," she excitedly waits for herself to make a sound. Sometimes the sound comes out, sometimes its her tongue; which happens to be the feature people comment on most when they meet her. Her tongue is long and she sticks it out frequently.

When we're really lucky, this escapes instead.
It's such a joy watching Eliza react to her sister's smiles. I already have what I want for Christmas. I'm so glad Lottie is here.


Audra said...

I think a roller coaster would fit nicely in your back yard! My nephew used add his middle name James to everyone's name, because he thought it meant they were in trouble! It is cute how kids think!

A and M's Mom said...

We have a plastic little tykes style "roller coaster" in our yard. It's a big hit. We got it on Craigslist.

Sam said...

Eliza writes so good!! I can't believe how much Lottie looks like her big sister. I think so anyways! Hope you guys have a merry christmas. I can't believe you have 3 kids!!!