Thursday, February 17, 2011

100 Days Smarter

Today Eliza's class will celebrate their 100th day of school!

And while my inner narcissist is bursting to tell you how impressive it is that I, despite being craftily impaired, managed to successfully secure 100 smarties to her party vest, I'll refrain. As my wise friend reminded me yesterday, this project is about Eliza; which is why I did my best to let her "help" with the second half of the application process. That involved a thread + needle (both are tools I use... um, never) and a boat load of double sided tape.

When either one of our Mom's come for a visit, I kindly provide them with small sewing projects. When they ask where the sewing kit is, my reply is usually:

"I'm not sure. Andrew used it last. I'll ask him."

So, yay for Ali.

There I go again; shifting away from Eliza. At least I've acknowledged my wicked pride and can now confidently say that I know what the word narcissist means. The first, and only, time someone called me a narcissist to my face, I was in college. My dedication to my missionary was unfortunately mistaken as arrogance when it came to dating. So, with that being said, my roommate's not so kind boyfriend, called me narcissistic. Storming out of the living room, I weakly tried to defend myself.

"I AM NOT!" I then proceeded to slam my bedroom door. Through angry tears, I located a dictionary to look up the definition of the word. My hurt expanded as I took in the meaning. Returning to fray, I dramatically exclaimed,

"Well you know what, Will? IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!" And its true. He was completely in love with himself. For the record, I'm super glad it didn't work out between those two.

Drama, these days, is just packaged differently. Take for example yesterday's excursion to Walgreens. Being in need of 100 smarties, I ventured out with Henry and Lottie for the morning errand. Their pleasant behavior allowed us to linger longer. While meandering through the junk food aisle (it's a mystery how we ended up there), Henry locates a container of peanuts. Henry LOVES peanuts. However, the poor child can't properly say the word.

"Look Mom! Look!" he exclaims for the world to hear. "PEANUTS-ES!" I'm afraid, dear reader, it sounded like another word. You can guess. Embarrassed, I try to divert his attention.

"PEANUTS-ES... Look at all the Peanuts-es!" and so forth. Sigh. That moment of panic/hilarity sure added some color to our morning.
The moral of the vest is that I can't give up on my desire to craft. I was excited by the small accomplishment. The challenge of Motherhood is that it's not about me, but recognizing the importance of taking time for me. My kids come first. And I think, for the most part, they do. Unless Survivor is on. Which is why my kids were kissed goodnight 45 minutes before the premiere of the new season last night. Did anyone else see it? How awesome was tribal council? How horrifying were special agent (?) Shephard's peach under-roos?

Lucky for you, today's rant is over. Lucky for me, I get to go bond with my kitchen sink.


B-dizzle said...

I bet Andrew taught him how to say the word incorrectly in hopes one day this store embarrassment would happen. Too bad it didn't happen to him...oh, the thought of it just makes me laugh out loud.

Sara M. Taylor said...

Henry just makes me giggle in general. How was your bonding moment with the kitchen sink? Love that. Syrelle was trying to say that she wanted a Nectarine last night and it came out "I want a connector."

Karina said...

For the record, I'm super glad it didn't work out between those two as well! :) Makes me cringe....
Yay you for being crafty. Do you actually read everyone's comments? Cuz you usually have a bajillion...