Monday, February 21, 2011

Rolling Along

Little Miss Lottie is four months old! Here are a few tidbits I'd like to remember.

Her puppy like tongue spends most of its day out of her pretty little mouth.
{Do me a favor. Please click to enlarge photo.
Does her hair look red?}

For now, she's content to be a spectator. If she is in a position to watch the action unfold, she's happy. Her baby sized sit-ups tell me how eager she is to sit unaided. For now, the bumbo and my lap will suffice.

Lottie weighs 12lbs, 11 ounces. I would share with you her height, but alas, her cute Dad took her to the appointment while I was at the dentist. And we all know how men are with details...
She hasn't had a bottle because her Mother has a permanent aversion to the pump and is too cheap to buy formula. Neglecting to introduce Henry to a bottle early is something I totally kicked myself in the rear for when he was six months old and acted on an urge to bite me. I was ready to end nursing THAT DAY but he refused a bottle and I found myself temporarily trapped in a nursing nightmare. This is me not learning my lesson.

Last week, it was discovered that Lottie can roll from back to tummy to back. While celebrating her accomplishment, I silently kissed goodbye the freedom to leave her on the couch and/or bed.

She'll sleep a 7-8 hour stretch, wake up to eat and then fall back asleep until I wake her up for carpool duty. When falling asleep, she prefers a little independence. She'll struggle in my arms until I lay her in her crib, swing or car seat.

Our best time together is after Eliza and Henry have gone to bed. I hold her plenty throughout the day, but I love the uninterrupted interaction. However, watching Andrew with her takes the cake. Because we're so far from Lottie's Grandparent's, the early bond the pair of them developed is special to me.

In my opinion, Lottie is happiest when her fingers are in her mouth, sitting on her Mama's lap and watching her older siblings at play (or war). Just this morning, Eliza inspired a huge squeal of delight that I'd not yet heard Lottie produce.

How great is Henry's "glamor shot" expression?
It's amazing how perfectly she fits. I love you Lottie!!


Samye said...

I too feel your "pain" in nursing. If you don't like your pump- most hospitals will let you rent a NICE pump for super cheap. Good luck with that whole pump thing...nothing like feeling like a cow...

Emily said...

I love how Lottie is her own identity - while she looks like Eliza and Henry I don't think she's a dead ringer for either. You make beautiful children, all individual and full of personality! It's so fun to see her big bright eyes and yay for rolling over!

Camille said...

So dang cute! Her hair does look a little red, her eyebrows look a little like my Claire's do, that's how we knew she'd be a red head (she was too bald for us to know for a while). Good luck with the bottle thing, I was stuck nursing exclusively with Brielle for 15 months and then vowed never again. Now we have the opposite problem with Addison and we can't convince her to give up her bottle for a sippy cup. :P I swear you can't win!

Anonymous said...

Fifteen sleeps till I can decide if her hair is red. Can't wait!

retrobec said...

Isn't it strange how you wonder what that third child will be like and how they will fit into the family? Then they arrive and it feels like they have always been there. You can't imagine life without them! Lottie continues to be more adorable every time I see her! And I think her hair does look red in that photo. Any redheads in your family?