Monday, March 21, 2011

Going Green

Dear Henry,

I'm sorry to say that your third birthday was spent bonding with a bowl.

...and Daddy's Ipod. But let's keep that part between you and me, okay?

Two days before your birthday we moved from South Carolina to Utah. That memory will likely eclipse the illness that clouded your special day... but who knows for sure. I still remember what happened after you turned one. Let's not let this be a tradition. Deal?!

On Sunday, we did our best to make up for the birthday that Eliza officially deemed as being "the worst birthday ever!" After Church, your cousins came over to play, we ate dinner, sang to the birthday boy and opened gifts. When it was all said and done you gasped,

"Mom, I had a birthday!"

The festivities continued on St. Patrick's Day when your Mom turned 27. Your dear Nanna Teresa hosted a leprechaun gold hunt, but before we went, I received a lovely surprise. My dear friend Michelle sent her cute, Utah based, sister to our house with a special little message and a bouquet of flowers. I'll be honest. I cried. I've been missing Michelle and her cute boys in a big way. It was so thoughtful and kind of Kara to come on her behalf. My forever thoughtful friend absolutely made my day.

After a quick stop to the little clinic to confirm that you did not have pink eye, we headed over to the festival of green. After a brunch that included green pancakes, fruit and sausage, the hunt began!

Nanna Teresa and Aunt Katie, I mean the leprechauns, spray painted rocks gold and filled eggs with tiny treasures for the children to enjoy. After exchanging their "gold" for a bag of treasures, Nanna Teresa gave you more presents. Cupcakes followed.

Happy Birthday dear Henry! You bring us so much joy! I love you very much and will forever be grateful to be your Mom.



B-dizzle said...

My mom and I can't take all the credit. Shipley and Cecelia were the cute, little helpers we couldn't have done it without. It was a fun day though.

*Jess* said...

Happy Birthday to you and Henry!! :) And you'll get to see Michelle very soon in April! :)

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry we got poor little Henry sick for his Birthday!! If it makes you feel any better, all Colby wants for his birthday is Henry. He now informs me everyday and asks if it is his birthday with Henry yet! We miss you!

Becky Sharp said...

That is a bummer that little Henry was sick for his b-day! Owen and Alivia caught it as well, several days apart, but the same week as Henry's b-day. I guess they all got it from each other the day before you left! Nothing like sending you out of town with a nice stomach bug. :) Glad everyone is feeling better now. We love you and miss you!

Liz Green said...

Cute pictures and how fun that both of you could spend your birthday with family. Missing you guys!