Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sitting on a secret the size of Texas aint easy

... especially when you have a mouth as big as mine. And it must be stated that this secret wasn't simply kept for fun. It was necessary that Andrew's former employer remain "in the dark" until he was ready to deliver the news that he'd be resigning.

In response to the questions we've received, here's a brief(?) explanation on how this massive change came to pass.

Last summer, Andrew began searching for jobs closer to family. Knowing his extremely pregnant wife wasn't in the "mood" to gear up for a huge change, he kept the search casual. I didn't anticipate or hope that something would work out right away. Early December, Andrew and I decide to postpone the job search until Spring. Things were going really well at work, we were still adjusting to life with our newest family member and we thought it would be wise to sell our home prior to accepting a job, etc.

And then life happened.

Despite our "plans," Andrew continued to peruse the job listings. A week before Christmas, he comes across a job description that fits. Confident that he meets the qualifications, he submits his resume. And just like that, I find myself crawling, in true James Bond fashion, in the upstairs hallway to the closed door where the first phone interview is taking place. While listening to Andrew's responses through the door, my heart begins pounding. I can tell that it's going well. An invitation to interview in person is made. He accepts. And I begin to freak out a little.

Celebrating the holidays, we carry on with life as usual. A month later, the trip to Utah finally happens. Quickly deciding that Andrew is the candidate they want, an offer is made. A day later, he accepts. Fortunately, the offer includes a stellar relocation package which made the idea of leaving behind our still for sale home bearable. Per Andrew's request, the name of the company he'll be working for will remain private, but I can say that he'll be working in South Ogden and we are excited and grateful for this new opportunity. Our search for a home won't begin until the one in South Carolina sells.

For now, consider our young family displaced. I will say that as frustrating as our condition is, we feel incredibly blessed to be waiting out our next step (rental house?) in my parent's basement. Their hospitality and warm welcome has greatly been appreciated. I hope we will be less of a burden and more of a blessing as we decide what comes next.

Now that I've covered the basic details, my heart is bursting to share the emotional repercussions attached to this change. However, I'd like to catch up on Henry's birthday first (in another post). Off I go.


stephanie joy said...

Wow Ali- so amazing! I admire you guys! I bet you and your mom are loving all the time together!!

Catherine said...

Yea!!! Welcome home, Ali. I can't wait to get Eliza and Emily together for a playdate. Utah has missed the Flegals, and I am sincerely happy to hear about the new job, the new relocation, and the new friends for my kids (and me). :)

B-dizzle said...

anything can happen when Grandma Flegal is praying for it. She has a lot of faith.

HAYHAY said...

WOW. That IS a blessing. I feel for you with three kids, moving, and not having a place of your own yet. Plus you have to stay good bye and leave your beautiful home.
It will all be worth it, and just know that in the future it will be the bomb, even if in the present it will be crazy.
I'm happy you get to be closer to fam for your kiddos... We've been having quite similar discussions lately. We'd love for our boys to be closer to their cousins!


TaraLee said...

AWESOME!! South Ogden is my backyard - well it would be if my yard was enormous, but anyway - exciting! Not sure where you're lookin but LAYTON is nice!! (wink wink)

Jen Bowen said...

That was a HUGE secret! I'm so excited for you guys to be back by family! Good luck with figuring out all the not so exciting details that go with moving.