Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Business of Birthdays

Coming home from work, the birthday boy was greeted with hugs. Whipping out the bandanna, Eliza played her part well in hyping up the excitement over Daddy's "birthday surprise."

Despite his best efforts to weasel information out of her, she kept her lips sealed.

Taking his Mother's warnings to heart, Henry was also supportive of our plan.

But if you ask me, Lottie is the most trustworthy of all my children.

She has the "adorable and unaware" act down.

I'll be the first to admit that the 'surprise' element wasn't necessary, but the text messages he sent throughout the day made me believe that he was enjoying the anticipation.

As I drove the crew to our destination, my blind folded beau shared a few guesses. My favorite:

"We're not at Harbor Freight, are we?" The excitement that saturated his voice wasn't missed by me.

Harbor, what? Sorry love. Not quite. Maybe next year?

Instead, we opted for the classiest choice available to families of five. Bowling! I know. You were expecting inflatable bounce houses and hot air balloon rides. Bowling is a favorite of ours and was equally enjoyed by those who came to his party.

Lucky for us, that "party" included more of our family. Andrew's thoughtful sister Katie made a delicious cake and was kind enough to host our family (again) for dessert.

To know Andrew, is to love Andrew. This year he turned 28. As I processed that number, my first thought was that it was ten years ago that we met and {quickly} fell in love. Little did I know then that he would grow up and become (in my biased opinion) the best Dad ever, a most dedicated companion and my greatest friend.

I love you Andrew. Happy Birthday!

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