Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Activities

While playing with Nana Marie's Polly Pockets, I heard Henry explaining to his "audience" of dolls that Jesus died for us. And while the detail he shared wasn't completely intact, I couldn't help but feel satisfied that his memory of our lesson on the Resurrection outlasted his stash of Easter candy.

As a Mom, I feel that the Lord blesses me with (simple) ideas on ways to teach the children. Sadly, more often than not, I stash the thoughts away for future use or promise to act on said idea when the timing is better. Neglecting the need to plan ahead, I forfeit an opportunity that could have been special.

Days before the holiday weekend, I had the thought that we ought to have a family lesson on the Resurrection at the cemetery. I wanted to visit the graves of our Grandparents, express my love for them and try with tenderness to answer the questions Eliza has recently shared about dying. It would have been a simple thing to check the weather and buy the flowers, but it didn't happen and I was disappointed in myself; especially when you consider that I make time for dying Eggs and Easter Egg hunts.

To ease my conscience, it's easy to assume that my intentions could have been spoiled by a fussy baby, feuding siblings or a sudden urgent need for a bathroom. Even so, I have learned through the FHE lessons that have fallen apart, that blessings come when we try.

And while my vision of our children quietly sitting on a quilt (in the style of Frauline Maria and the Von Trapp children) on a beautiful Spring morning listening to their Father testify and teach didn't come to pass, I'm happy to say that we have stolen a handful of minute long moments to share our feelings on the blessing and hope of the Resurrection. I have found that asking them questions leads to most interesting conversations. Thank heavens for their primary teachers who reaffirm what we say and in all honesty do a more thorough job than we do.

And now, as I hang my head in mock shame, here are some photos from the Easter Egg hunt we attended and the fun with egg dying:

Eliza finds a way to entertain to herself while waiting for the hunt to begin. Her Mom made sure we were there nice and early.
Hello. My name is Alison. And I love being on-time.
In case my dear Southern friends are wondering, we frequently wear coats. In April.
It didn't take long for Henry to find the humor in his sister's creativity.With some help from Dad, Henry scoped out the scene.
Once the hunt started, the impossibility of keeping up Eliza and Henry became obvious. I sat back with my own little pastel beauty and watched from a distance.

Eliza scored.
Henry didn't do too bad himself. It was a great morning. We took our time driving home as we checked out different neighborhoods and drove past a handful of properties we are ineligible to place offers on.

Later that afternoon, we dyed eggs. Thank you Nana Marie for supplying the eggs and supplies.

Next up, the obligatory Easter outfit post.


Ashley said...

Your kids are so cute! Abby and I will be in Salt Lake from like the middle of June until the end of July, we should get together. It would be so fun to see you after like years and years :)

B-dizzle said...

Happy Easter. I'm glad to see someone celebrated!

*Jess* said...

coats? I'm not okay with coats in April.

Heather said...
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