Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Fleglets

The ordinary posts that center on the kids are the ones I love most when I revisit past entries. When I need motivation to maintain my blogging consistency, I look back a year to see what we were doing. The detail I issue may make your eye balls bleed and your toes curl, but it's something my future self appreciates. Since I no longer have the "This is for the Grandparents who live so far away" excuse, I'll go ahead and selfishly dedicate this to the Mom who is marveling at how fast they grew up.

Our life may feel as though it's on hold while we wait for our home to sell, but with children in the picture there is no such thing as a standstill. In the month that we've been here, they've grown. The change in Lottie is most obvious.

At five months, Lottie was introduced to solids. From the start, she willingly opened her mouth, but there were times that her tongue - which totally has a mind of its own - would win out over her desire to swallow. Imagine a spray bottle issuing a squash infused mist all over the parent (raising my hand), highchair table and other neighboring surfaces. Eliza and Henry think that type of behavior is hilarious.

To date, she's had rice cereal, squash, sweet potatoes and bananas. The spoon feeding process takes time, but she's doing better. It's pretty exciting stuff. I've already noticed a change in her poop. Awesome topic of conversation, right?

Her happy personality has really started to shine. She's found her voice and loves to hear herself "sing." She started rolling in February but the new challenge we're dealing with is her ability to grasp and put into her mouth the things that she wants. Her thoughtful siblings are more than happy to provide her with toys - some of which aren't age appropriate. Keeping her safe from objects, like dimes for example, is becoming a full time occupation. Here's one of her favorite pastimes.

The cliches remain the same with each child. It makes me smile to hear her randomly let out an exuberant peel of laughter, but I feel sad as other aspects of her babyhood are fading away. One thing is certain; she has stolen all of our hearts and her little presence has been one of the best things about living with my parents.

Lottie's an observer. Her big eyes will attach to someone and she'll just stare. When you notice her, she'll acknowledge your attention with either an enormous smile or a distraught cry. Please don't take offense if she opts for the latter. With time, she'll warm up. Her mood is an obvious factor in these types of situations. Just last week, when I locked myself out of my parent's house (gold star for me), we ended spending a very special afternoon with Grandma Popcorn. After three unfriendly visits, Lottie finally gave her dear Great Grandmother (whom she is named for) the sweetest of smiles.

It's clear she's familiar with these two faces.

Oh Henry. I had a fun time snapping these shots of him the other day. It was clear that he was "in the zone" while dominating the play-dough situation. I thought about combing his hair and wiping away the remaining tootsie roll juice from his chin, but decided not to worry about it. I wanted to capture the authenticity of the moment. His little boy charm is effortless. The kid makes me laugh all the time. I find myself apologizing to my parents when he's feeling "contrary" but am definitely thrilled that they truly know him.

Don't let the dinosaurs fool you. At the moment, the child is obsessed with being Snow White.Eliza kindly made him a paper bow. Keeping it in place with two pieces of tape, he was free to frolic about knowing it was securely fastened. As he told my Mom, without his "crown" he'd be unable to go to the ball.

As for Eliza, she loves her new preschool. She is as pleased as punch with her new batch of friends. With that being said, one of this week's biggest smiles was owed to a letter she received from Talon. The picture of him handing her a flower with the words: "I miss you" choked up my Mom and me more than it did her, but I think that's because she was too excited about the Curious George tattoos that were included.

I'm surprised that I was able to score a smile considering most of the pictures turned out like this.
My constant request to "SMILE" for the camera wears on her nerves. I can't say that I blame her. Can you imagine what I'll be like when she leaves for prom? Poor girl. And finally, here's a video for the Blasers to thank them for the fun piece of mail we received.


*Jess* said...

well, I know for a fact that their friends in SC miss them, too :)

savanna said...

What a dumb friend/cousin I am. I finally made it through all the voicemails that were sitting on my phone and was sad to see that I missed two of your calls! Lets DEFINITELY get together this week. I will call you Tuesday!

Becky Sharp said...

Oh man, your kids are the cutest! Miss you guys!

Sam said...

I love LOVE little babies when they giggle!!!

Emily said...

Wow - Lottie HAS changed a lot - what a beautiful girl! We're so excited to see the Fleglets in person next month!!