Monday, April 4, 2011

because I don't swear, "karma's a beast"

Let's discuss April Fools Day, shall we?

I can easily declare that since marrying my spouse, April Fools Day has become my least favorite holiday. And YES I have a sense of humor. Considering my forthcoming preface, I apologize in advance for sounding like a 13 year old giving their first talk in Church. defines the word prank as:

"a trick of an amusing, playful, or sometimes malicious nature."

I'll let you, dear reader, be the judge of the nature of this year's prank.

True or false: Selling a home is stressful.

TRUE!! On top of that, please factor in the 1900 mile distance between us and our abandoned property and the "slow" (read: dead) nature of the market. Hello. My name is Debbie Downer and I will be at the helm of today's post.

According to our Realtor, in the months that our home has been on the market, it has seen "great activity." Her words of encouragement fade as the quiet weeks begin to pass. With that being said, you can imagine the happiness Andrew and I felt when a potential buyer walked through last Tuesday and then requested to see the property for a second time on Friday (April 1). In addition to the second showing, another buyer wanted to see the home that same day.

Yes! We're finally seeing some action! It had been awhile.

We called our Southern caretakers to walk through our home to verify that it was still in tip top shape. They assured us all was well. All we could do was pray and wait.

Friday morning, the kids and I found ourselves at Mark and Jen's house. While the kids chased one another in the backyard, the adults (my Mom included) took advantage of the sunshine. It was pleasant. Checking the time, I wondered aloud:

"Maybe we've received feedback. I'm going to run inside and check my e-mail." The April Fools Day Gods must have been smiling as I logged into my account. Excitement filled me as I see the e-mail sent from my spouse. The subject heading reads: "Congratulations!!!!"

And I quote:

"I just got a call from Lola. Evidently Mitzi’s client has put an offer on the house. If this other person that is coming at 12:00 is also interested, we might have a bidding war and actually get what we are asking. Call me as soon as you can."

Losing all inhibition, I begin dancing around my brother's kitchen. Imagine an over-excited monkey hyped up on caffeine; such was my joy. And while it was clear to Mark, Jen and my Mom why I was celebrating, my kids were completely taken aback with surprise.

"It's a really great day for Mommy!" That was the only explanation I could offer.

Grabbing the phone, I call my spouse. Excitement oozed from my voice once we connected. It was met with silence. Oh no. No. No. No no no no no!

"This isn't an April Fools day joke is it? IS IT?"

"April Fools!" He replies.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes." And with that, I hung up the phone. I was crushed. The stress we've been carrying since February was brutally handed back by the person I love most. Why would he do that? Did he cross a line? Do I need to lighten up? Was this prank amusing or malicious? I don't know. It depends on who you ask. Those who were with me at the time I realized it was lie, would argue that it was plain mean. His parents, specifically his dear Dad, thought it was hilarious.

Enter the irony.

On my way home from Mark and Jen's house I get a call. An offer was made on our home. It was low but they were willing to negotiate. Sparing you the details of what was an intense two days of back and forth, we LOST our buyer. They decided they wanted the maintenance free life of a condo instead of our two story home. Throw up in my mouth.

So TWICE this weekend, I had my hopes pummeled. Awesome right?! As for Andrew, how does that saying go? What goes around, comes around?

And while I promise the quick return of Suzy Sunshine (me), I leave you with an image of what our past three weekends have entailed:
Our time has been spent driving through various neighborhoods in Davis, Weber and Morgan county. We're trying to get a feel of where we want to focus our efforts when it comes time to buy our next home. I did my best to find the most attractive picture of Henry. I think I succeeded. And yes, that's the portable DVD player secured with bungee cord to a bucket for their viewing pleasure. The time in car also proved to be a great way to listen to General Conference.

What are your thoughts on April Fools Day? Are you generally on the receiving end of the prank or are you the prank master?


Samye said...

Just so you know, I would have been LIVID! I think my husband would know that that would have been a major boundary crosser. And if it makes you feel any better we can't even put our house on the market because we would lose so much $$. So we are renting it out...more than likely for a VERY long time.

Karen said...

I am no prank master by any means and I lean toward thinking that the prank was malicious. I would not have been happy with my husband had he done that.

B-dizzle said...

Grandma Flegal laughed too. But maybe it was because she couldn't hear the conversation and so was just laughing because my dad was laughing. You should talk to Pam White. She will give you good pranks to pull on Andrew. Really. We will go visit her when you are ready for revenge and get some good ideas.

*Jess* said...

Brian hid my progesterone cream to be funny. I need that to help us conceive! I cried like a baby when he told me he forgot to give it back to me.

Becky Sharp said...

I HATE pranks. I am not a good sport about people playing tricks on me. So I totally feel your pain! Yes, I think he crossed a line. I hope you gave him a piece of your mind! Hang in there, something good is bound to come your way!

Camille said...

Not such a nice April Fool's joke, especially considering the circumstances. And let me tell you, I feel like our lives are so similar. We have been right where you are, exactly. Last year, after we left our home in Georgia in a dead market and waited and waited and got excited about any buyer we heard came by, we eventually got an offer and went under contract...and then the buyer bailed. And then we went under contract with a second buyer in the same week, which ended up falling through as well!! In and out of contract twice in one week. It was so discouraging! So I can completely understand how your hopes were crushed twice, and I know exactly what it feels like to lose your buyer. But on the bright side, we did eventually sell our home. And you will too. I'm sorry you're right in the middle of the stress of it all!!

Good luck with your neighborhood search as you look for future housing! Sounds kind of fun to me, actually. :)

Ryan and Alicia said...

Ali-I'm definitely thinking that Andrew crossed the line in the prank department. Guys sometimes just don't realize how much things effect us emotionally and psychologically. Ryan is a huge teaser to both myself and our kids and sometimes it really just drives me crazy. I can only handle it to a point. I definitely wouldn't not have handled what Andrew did at all. Lets just hope you gave him a piece of your mind and he learned for any future situations. If not, then have him give Ryan a call before pulling anything because trust me Ryan has learned his lesson on over stepping and knows where the line of good humor and bad taste is crossed. Hope your feeling better!

Melissa and Allen said...

All I want to know is, Have you found the dime:)?


-erika :) said...

I would have been mad too. One time Marcus came home from being up north in some big meetings with his bosses and told me he had been fired. He went on with it for like 10 minutes until he broke out laughing. He thought it was a great one, I wanted to kill him! I think this fits in a same category. On another note, since you are back in Utah we'd love to see you when you are next up in SL area. Or if you want a nice spring break trip, St George is lovely this time of year!!! :)