Thursday, April 28, 2011

Slightly Irrelevant?

Easter Sunday!
I love them! They are everything to us.

Easter may have come on gone, but that isn't stopping us from having a belated Easter Egg hunt with our cousins tomorrow as we celebrate Emilee's birthday.

Before we part, I have a Henry gem I'd like to share. We have not yet seen the Easter themed movie, Hop! The trailer, however, has been viewed a couple of times by the family.

Sunday evening:

Spurred by the sugar high he was so clearly riding, Henry prances into his room per his Mother's request. Already seeing that he was out of his play clothes, she encourages him to jump straight into his jammies. Ignoring her plea, he pauses. Glancing down, he lifts his underwear open. As he retrieves the red jelly bean, he begins to mimic the rabbit previously mentioned. Through his giggles, Henry exclaims:

"It's a rabbit poop!!" His Mom and Dad watch in disbelief as the scene they're witnessing transpires in a slow motion like fashion. Even so, there wasn't enough time to prevent him from casually popping that jelly bean directly into his mouth. Horrified, the parental unit scream in unison:

"No, Henry! Don't!!!!!!" A second later it's out of his mouth and his teeth are being scrubbed with baking soda (okay not really, but we did brush his teeth). Does anyone else view jelly beans in a different (read: skewed) light after seeing the movie?

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Emily said...

I LOVE this family photo of you guys - you all look so great!

P.S. I don't know anything about the movie Hop, so I'm going to play it safe and not comment ;)