Sunday, May 8, 2011

I love my Mom.

I've been sitting on this gem of a video since January. Mothers Day seems an appropriate time to reveal the moment that my Mom learned we'd be moving back to Utah.

And I'll tell you what; since our arrival it's been nothing but fist pumps and sunshine for the lot of us. She wanted us back and man, did we deliver. Not only are we in Utah, but we're still in her basement! My parents are LUCKY DUCKS!! Joking aside, I hope that with time we'll both remember how special its been to share this chapter together. My love and admiration for my Mother continues to grow. I love you Mom! She will forever be one of the greatest gifts I've ever received.

Speaking of gifts...
I'm so thankful for Eliza, Henry and Lottie; being their Mom brings me great joy! More to come on the lovely gestures they provided to help make this day special.


Ami said...

Sara appreciates the video of Nana and Papa. We just watched it at least 9 times in a row!

Super cute pictures!

Becky Sharp said...

Your mom is so cute! We were sad to lose you, but so happy your mom got you back!