Friday, May 27, 2011

Moose Mountain

Two weeks ago, we were reunited with a group of friends for a "Spring" retreat to Moose Mountain in Heber, Utah.

Moosen Mountain!
{ Brian Regan would say.
Click here for a dose of his hilarity}

Heber did not disappoint in keeping with Utah's plan to eternalize Winter. Even so, the accommodations proved lovely and the company was above par.

I begin with the Winegars.

Meet Jen, adorable baby Hannah and ...

"Hey. Bret. What are you looking at?" He seems a little distracted, yes? I'm pretty sure it's hard to ignore my personal 'whoops and wails' for attention while taking pictures.

Turns out, he was distracted by the snowball my husband was making in the distance. Without asking, Bret knew that snowball was destined for me. Perhaps it was Andrew's way of silently apologizing to his friend for his picture happy, overly enthused wife. I'm not sure though. One thing I'm certain of, he most certainly nailed me with the snowball.
Andrew digs a snow cave in 75 degree weather

He was quite proud of himself; there wasn't a smidge of remorse. Don't worry. My camera and I had our revenge. But first, the families:

Our group has doubled in size since 2008. Recent additions pictured here:
It was a weekend of game play, puzzle solving, gourmet dinning, nap times and stimulating conversation (gun control, anyone?). The kids had fun too. My only complaint is that we didn't stay longer.
With the snow still dripping off my arm, I felt the need to orchestrate a few more photo ops. My favorite being the one of the fellas nestling near the fire place.Can you hear the crickets chirping?

"Boys! Sit by the fireplace for a picture!" It was sufficiently awkward.

Until next year, friends!


Emily said...

I was just thinking today how I should download my pics and blog about our adventure when I saw your post! I love all your pics, it was so fun to see them and remember how much fun we had!

Dave and Lacey said...

I would love to :)

Looks like a fun adventure! You captured it well!

I'm A. said...

Ali! I think I have the wrong email for you. So you should email me so I have the right one. I want to plan a bachette party. Yay!