Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My brain is mush.

As my fingers search the keyboard for the words needed to create a worthwhile entry, I find myself distracted. Scrolling through my latest selection of pictures, I wait for a thought that will tie them together and then:


My mind is blank. I think I've found the reason behind my lack of focus.

This picture.

Does something look slightly amiss? Scratch that. Does something look completely amiss?

Ladies and Gentlemen, wearing socks and shoes to the swimming pool is an unfortunate consequence of extreme frugality. Yes, he owns sandals. Yes, they are still in storage. Yes, we were aware of the flip flops Old Navy had on sale for A DOLLAR. In fact, my dear brother offered to fetch us a pair. Did Andrew take him up on said offer? Clearly, he.did.not.

It's okay. We won't judge. Right Henry?

"Okay, Mom! Whatever you say!"

Don't ask me why, but I've always been attracted to Andrew's ability to not care about the opinions of others. He has a quiet confidence which appeals to me. And while we're on the topic of my spouse's cool factor (or lack of it), he took the kids for a ride on Bubba's motorcycle and scooter this weekend... which they loved. Even though she asked very nicely, we didn't let this peanut go for a ride. But she absolutely loved her time in the pool.

It wasn't long until Bubba was out cruising with the kids himself. Who is the bigger kid? I think I love this picture.

And this one too.

My thoughts drift to the South often. I miss "our life" - whatever that means. I miss the phone calls I used to receive regularly from my friends there. But then, I find myself chopping up a salad in Grandma Flegal's kitchen or watching my kids thread buttons at her side:

"We're playing!" Grandma will say. And I'm suddenly offering a silent prayer of thanks.


Samye said...

I L-O-V-E the socks and shoes....hilarious.

Also, I agree- sometimes it is nice to remember what life was like when we lived _______. I also think the hard thing is that when we do move forward in our lives- we move into a situation that isn't the same... no you don't live in your own home, yes you have to make all new friends (for the most part), and you have to start your routine somewhere new. New isn't always fun at each start of the journey- but hopefully it becomes better each passing day.

loved the post.

BnK said...

He can borrow a pair of Brent's water shoes. He has three. I was wondering why those were the only shoes he has been wearing. I think it has something to do with being a man. Brent is so okay with walking around with his Sunday socks and tennis shoes.
Thank you for not posting any pictures of my ever-growing body. Seriously, it is getting beyond bearable to the every-day stranger.
We are very glad to have you close.

Taylor and Cami Weight said...

No matter what it is you write about you have a gift friend and even though I'm bad at commenting, I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your blog :) By the way, socks and shoes at the pool is pretty hip these days :)

Nikki said...

So I'm playing catch up on your blog. All your pictures and parties with your family make me homesick for mine! I miss cousins and Sunday dinners and all that! Then. Then. I see Evergreen Swim and Tennis Club. What lifetime member wouldn't recognize that entrance and the aqua colored tables? I enjoyed most every summer day there since I was 10! Sigh. I miss Utah.