Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Growing Pains

They are growing so fast. Life is moving to fast.

Except that part where we:
  • close on our new house,
  • are reunited with our household goods that have been in storage since March
  • settle.

Except that part. That part is moving interminably slow.


stephanie joy said...

Look at you beautiful with your beautiful children! Love you <3

Camille said...

Oh man, how true is that! The little things that matter most - like your kids - seem to grow up WAY too fast and time flies. But then things that you wish would go fast take FOREVER. Beautiful pictures by the way!

Karen said...


Catherine said...

Lovely pics, Ali! That Lotty is a heart stealer, that's for sure. What a doll! Good luck with the move. I hear ya, we're on the countdown for our move too, and I've never been so stressed. Crazy times!

Sara M. Taylor said...

It was so great to be with you guys. Thanks for all the play dates, the sleepover and the yummy sunday night treat and company. We love you! Congrats on your house! P.S. I love the last pic of you and Lottie.