Saturday, June 18, 2011

In good company

I've been slow to mention how great it's been seeing these ladies on a (somewhat) regular basis. Thank you Miss Laura for planning our weekly gatherings. With the heavenly, albeit slow, arrival of Spring, we've been able to expand our outings from the Church gym to the Zoo, neighborhood parks and Wheeler farm (yesterday).

Here are a few realizations from yesterday's outing:
  • Wheeler farm is free (!)
  • It was unexpectedly close to my Mom's house (bonus).
  • Eliza is passionate about picking up litter. According to her, "It's important for the Earth to be clean and good and healthy." It was great fun finding random pieces of other people's garbage in my diaper bag when we returned home.
  • I remain the annoying friend behind the camera.
Can you blame me? It's not my fault my friends have such darling kiddos.

Alright Miss Laura. Where to next?


Lara said...

Jealous! Looks like fun.

Laura said...

Oh Al, I'm so glad you are back!