Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ready to Bounce Back

Sinking into his Mother's side, the small three year old nearly disappears as his older sister unintentionally sandwiches him in. The five year old is fighting to maintain her grasp, but the force of the amusement park ride is too great. As The Musical Express continues to accelerate, the concerned Mom waits for her little boy to voice his discomfort. Instead, he issues a happy:

"Weeeee! Weeeeeeeee!"

And although the tone of his voice is coated with worry, he is determined to remain enthusiastic.

"Weeeeee! Best. Day. Ever!" Again, his voice is nearly monotone, his facial expression flat, as he shouts his hurrahs. Pleased and amused with his attitude, she feels her own expression of concern relax. The 37 inch tall boy nearly made the cut for a handful of "big kid" rides. Wanting to keep up with his big sister, he mustered up courage for the new "blue roller coaster" among other gutsy choices.

Speaking of the eldest child, the Mother was perplexed but likewise happy to see her pleading to ride everything and anything she was eligible for. Asking this same child to eat a new food scares and upsets her greatly, but extending a mock invitation to ride the Rocket, she'll joyfully accept. Explain that one to me.

The young girl's face, unlike her brothers, was nothing but joy as she experienced the intense butterflies that accompany rides like the Tidal Wave and the Dinosaur drop for the first time. It was lucky she was exposed to the kiddie rides first as they proved lack luster after having a taste of the adult sized thrills.

"Watching her face," her Dad commented at the end of the day, "was the absolute best."

Okay. I'll wait as you fetch your barf buckets before I continue to relay the glitter-filled memories of our family's first Lagoon adventure; because seriously, it was a happy occasion. Well, except the part where I deposited Lottie to a most loving and gracious Aunt Jen who offered to watch her so we could enjoy the day more fully.

Technically, her husband Mark offered her services, but that's beside the point!

Jen is the best and did a great job making me feel that watching Lottie was a pleasure rather than a chore. I know babies are work, but her attitude was a great comfort. We were apart for the afternoon and into the evening; not a big deal right? That didn't stop me from crying when we drove away. Overly devoted? Too emotional? Pathetic? What am I? Don't answer that.

To be fair, the day wasn't pure perfection. It was hot, kids grow cranky and we may have had an unexpected run in with my brother's first ex-wife while standing in line at the Log Flume. Yes, you read that right. Seeing her was yet another thrill supplied by Lagoon. As we crossed paths while waiting in line, the air was charged with awkward curiosity and shared looks of surprise. I suppose that's normal after ten years of zero contact. I digress.

Clinging to their promised bag of cotton candy, we dressed them in their pajamas in the car and secured them into their car seats. Kissing their sun kissed cheeks we thanked them for sharing such a fun day with us and mutually expressed our hope to return soon. Thanks Nana Marie and Uncle Mike and Aunt Sunnee for spending the day with us!

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