Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fabulous dah-ling! Simply fabulous!

We love when cousin Syrelle comes to visit!

Strike a pose ladies!

We've been lucky to see the Taylor family three times since we moved back to Utah.

During their most recent visit, the cousins enjoyed play-dates up at Echo Lake, at Grandma Flegal's, swimming at the Club, at Nanna Teresa's home, as well as ours.

These pictures were taken at Nanna's during a fabulous runway show directed by the inspiring Cecelia A. Taylor. It was a hit!

After telling the girls goodnight the night of their sleepover, Andrew and I made our way downstairs to the kitchen. Minutes later, Syrelle appears in the doorway. With a look of astonishment she informs us,

"Guess what!?" Smiling back at her, we reply:

"What Relly?" Taking a big breath she blurts,

"Eliza is ALREADY asleep." It was half past ten. The kids had been up late watching fireworks. It was no wonder that she was already asleep. But Syrelle couldn't believe how fast she'd faded. Her adorable expression isn't justly translated but I want it remembered anyway. She makes us laugh.

My favorite interaction between the girls happened while boating. While sitting in the front section of the boat, I overhear Eliza ask Syrelle the following:

"Syrelle, do you think you're the best person in the whole entire world?" Without hesitating she responds,

"No Eliza. I think YOU are the best person in the world."
We love you Syrelle (and Taylor crew). We can't wait until next time!!

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Karen said...

I want Relly to be my friend. She could tell me over and over that I'm the best person in the world. What a cute interaction. I love listening to kids talk to each other.