Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I know a weiner man.

My brilliant plan to have family over for a cookout seemed less brilliant when 6:00 p.m. rolled around and the temperature was still lingering in the nineties.
Fortunately for our hungry guests, Andrew (along with his trusty hat) didn't allow the heat to halt our dinner plans. About that hat, which I'm sure will be a future family heirloom, Andrew discovered it at the dollar store last summer. And while it could have originated from our Grandmother's closet, it did not. In fact, Andrew would argue that it's a "gender neutral" accessory.

(*Clearing my throat) Y'all can decide for yourselves.

While Andrew braved the heat in order to tend to the fire, the kids kept busy as they alternated between the sprinklers and our playground. It was a happy sight that the rest of the adults enjoyed from the comfort of the shaded patio. And while I felt guilty that I wasn't keeping my hot (double meaning) husband company at the fire, my hands were busy spoon feeding this doll of a child,

as I visited with people like Ami!

After 11 years away from Utah, my sister Ami and her cute, cute family returned to Utah three months after we did. Talk about a wish come true. Next to my Mom, she was the one that I spent the most time visiting with on the phone during my Carolina days. As my children grew, so did my desire to have her nearby. We are now less than 15 minutes apart. AWESOME - pretty much sums up how I feel about our new situation.
Finally, the fire was set for roasting. Dinner was followed by lawn mower rides. Because we're fancy like that.


Allison said...

It looks like you guys had fun! I'm sad we couldn't come, and I still can't wait to see your house!

Liz Green said...

Wow! How fun to have your sister so close. On those hot summer days, it's almost better to cook outside then inside. It's nice that Andrew saved you from cooking in the kitchen. Wish we had the option of BBQ or even better, cooking over fire.
That's awesome you have a fire pit in your back yard. Was it there or did Andrew create it?

Can't wait to see your new home in person.

Andrew Flegal said...

Does anyone else think I look like a neanderthal in that first picture? I know the hat is kinda girly. I actually bought it for Ali. Since she won't wear it and it has the best/biggest brim of all the hats we have I have adopted it in an ever fashionable quest to keep the sun off my nose.

*Jess* said...

tell Andrew that the hat is NOT gender neutral. But he still looks hot wearing it and he can get away with it!

BnK said...

We don't call him Farmer Flegal for nothin'

BnK said...

and yes, Andrew, your posture makes you look like a neanderthal

Ami said...

It was such a fun night! I keep having to remind myself that we're here for good...not just on vacation. Yeah!