Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She makes me happy when skies are gray.

Hello sweet baby girl! Welcome to your ninth month!

Please forgive me; I was beyond eager to reunite you with your crib when we moved into our new home. Finding your bedding and assembling your crib was top on our list of to-do's on move-in day. That's right. It was more important than finding the box of toilet paper.

And while it was fabulous {read: awful} to share a room with your for the past four months, I was thrilled to introduce you to your new bedroom. As awesome {again read: awful} as it was to bond all night long, you and I are waking up happier. The time apart provides us with the needed opportunity to miss each other.

Our happy morning reunions look a little something like this:

Who is delicious? Lottie is. I could kiss your face all day long. Before I forget, we finally discovered a tooth the night before your nine month mark. You win the prize for the latest tooth arrival. As a Mother who is in a committed nursing relationship, you won't hear me complaining about your lack of toothy pearls.

And while you remain curious and observant,

Your level of interaction with your siblings and desire to join their crew continues to increase. I love when they include you in their shenanigans. Even though, at times, they tease you. As a survivor of sibling teasing abuse, I have a tendency to overreact (shocking, I know) to their hurtful chants.

Henry usually instigates the cruelty.

"Lottie is an orphan! Lottie is an orphan!" He'll repeat. Clearly, he doesn't understand what he's saying but I still find myself shushing him. Another favorite is:

"Lottie is a potty! Lottie is a potty!" - I should have seen that one coming. I'm sorry. I'll have this behavior nipped in the bud before you're old enough to have your feelings hurt.

They really do adore you. Truly. You are loved.

"Lottie's such a precious baby, right Mom?" Henry will say on a daily basis. And your sister is convinced you're the absolute cutest and best baby in the world. As a totally 'blinded by love' and smothered in biased Mother, I agree with her completely.

In other news, I'd like to offer you my sincere congratulations.

You no longer tip over when I sit you down. Any minute you'll be able to sit yourself up independently, but for now we're mutually pleased that you're able to enjoy your toys (and clothes) from a new perspective. Enjoying the swing set, playing with Eliza and Henry, sitting up like a big girl and enjoying the night life in your new room aren't the only changes. Welcome to solid food land! Spoon feeding t.a.k.e.s. f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and is one stage I gladly bid farewell with each child. I know we'll still be there for awhile, but the more you eat 'table food' the better.

Not to mention, snacking on baby edibles in the high chair is another daily activity that provides the distraction needed for Mom to feed the other kids and tidy the kitchen. It's great.

This is the part where I had intended to record your height and weight stats but I'm pretty sure that I canceled that appointment today in your pediatrician's parking lot (after driving 40 minutes to SLC) as I was abruptly hit with stomach pain (not pregnant, side effect from not having a gall bladder)... super embarrassing and frustrating.

So instead, we'll conclude with my favorite picture from our most recent boating excursion.
Don't be misled by your expression. You LOVED riding on the boat. And wow! I love YOU baby girl. Even if Daddy is your absolute favorite.


Camille said...

Oh Ali, I can only imagine how much you missed having her in her crib! We totally have trained him to sleep in his crib and for 4 months without it....oh, I would die! The new house looks like so much fun from the new pictures! Glad you are back!

Keersten said...

The crib truly is a beautiful thing! As is that little dollie of yours!

Emily said...

Yay for Lottie and all her accomplishments! She is still as beautiful as ever with the most beautiful eyes! We wish we could come see her new room and check out the rest of your new pad... we're waiting to hear the whole story since we haven't talked to you since May - fill us in! :)

Allison and Josh said...

She is absolutely adorable. I hope you are enjoying your new house!

Melissa said...

She's so cute! I'm right there with you on the spoon feeding thing. A good portion of my day is spent shoveling food into Lyla's mouth while she spits it out!