Monday, August 15, 2011

end of summer "camp out"

Flegal camping check list:
  • tent
  • bedding
  • pillow pets (unicorn and dog)
  • pink bunny
  • grinch
  • brown puppy
Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes.
  • blankies
(Andrew hauls the camping "essentials")

This past Friday we attended the ward camp out. Our stake property is a convenient two minute drive from our house. In terms of scenery, there wasn't much to look at except for the homes that dot the perimeter of the property. However, for our little family the setting proved ideal as it afforded Lottie and me the opportunity to sneak away to sleep in our own beds and return the following morning in time to see Henry crawling out of the tent.

In the morning, Andrew reported that the children slept soundly. The adults, however, complained of an intense windstorm that made sleep difficult. Eliza, who fervently prays each night that we will be spared from tornadoes, thankfully slept through the torrent of wind. Andrew's greatest anxiety was that she'd wake up screaming, "It's a twister, It's a twister!"

I hope the 'camping in suburbia' tradition continues as Lottie felt a little slighted that she wasn't invited to stay. Next summer, baby girl.

(Lottie and "The Grinch" sporting a similar hair style)

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Nikki said...

I'm glad Marshall isn't the only one who prays nightly for no tornadoes. He felt safe in Utah, knowing there had only been 1 minor one. Tell her she's safe now!