Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Like Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!!!!

Meet Henry Bieber.

And while I totally love his hair, Henry could use a small trim. That's right. This superstar starts preschool tomorrow! (finally.)

I am not eager to have him gone, but the excitement is eating him up. Now that I'm taking a moment to seriously think about having him gone for a few hours (twice a week), I feel very sad. He will be missed terribly. I've digressed.

The trouble with his hair is finding someone nearby who is capable to trim it. Apparently, I'm not qualified.

Exhibit A: The Flegal hedge bushes.

Lacking an electric trimmer, Andrew provided the next best thing this weekend. He pulled out our kitchen shears. You should be laughing. I'm sure we were a sight. Wanting to contribute, I "trimmed" the bush that's obviously... well shorter... than the others.

We'll figure out Henry's hair sooner or later. Good luck tomorrow baby boy! I LOVE you so much.
"Peace out, Mom!"

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HAYHAY said...

ohhhhh I'm excited to see the new do. We are going through the same dilemma with our little Benson. His is getting pretty long, but I don't have the heart to cut it, even though he occasionally looks like Einstein. I love how your writing bursts with personality. Your picts are oh so cute!