Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am at war with muffins.

In an attempt to grow my culinary skills, I opted to go the 'homemade/from scratch' route when planning how I would provide the 24 muffins that I volunteered to bring to my Super Saturday activity tomorrow morning. And now, after round one proved to be an epic fail, I am kicking myself. Most assuredly, I misinterpreted the instructions. My guess, as I wait for the result of batch # 2, is that muffin liners are imperative. Go ahead and stamp a giant "Duh!" to my forehead. I deserve it.

 Rather than tackle the insane pile of dishes, I thought I'd occupy myself with a little blogging while I wait. After all, it's not every week that your family gets "Boo'ed!"

Considering that this year's "Boo-ing" was a Flegal first, I offer the following recap: 

Answering the quick, late night, knock at the door, I'm delighted to find a plate of cookies a.k.a. Ali's version of manna from Heaven; along with a poem of explanation and instruction to pass on the kindness. 

Seeing as how the kids had been in bed when the cookies arrived, I relayed the mysterious origin of the goodies (yes, they survived the night) the following morning. Upon learning that we had a task to fulfill, they embraced said task with deep enthusiasm.

Side note: You'll be relieved to hear that the baking of the pre-made, Halloween inspired, pillsbury dough shaped cookies passed without incident. 

Sitting on my porch, I watch as Andrew and the two older children creep along the sidewalk to a neighbor's home the following night. Their nervous giggles could be heard from where I sat. Wrapping myself in a blanket, I share in their excitement as I watch the scene of their delivery unfold. Whisking Henry in his arms, Andrew directs Eliza to follow as they rush to the side of the house to wait out our friend's reactions.

Two of the family's children skip past the plate and onto their front lawn in an attempt to catch the "door bell ditchers" (their words, not mine). Wanting to deepen her cover, Eliza pulls a urine soaked sleeping bag that had been drying out on the garbage can over their heads. I think that was Andrew's favorite part. I wait for their cover to be blown as I imagine Henry bursting into a fit of giggles, but am impressed when the kids retreat back inside their house, plate of treats in hand.

"Mischief is FUN!!" I think to myself as I watch the three of them 'tip-toe' back to our front door.

The boo-ing incident has been a hot topic of conversation ever since. Eliza's new favorite game is knocking on her bedroom door post bed-time and listening as I  make my way to the front door to see who is there. It's hard to scold her when her laughter is nothing short of infectious.Not to mention, it serves me right as I continue to fall for her ruse.

Muffin update:

Batch two (and three and four) goes to Ali. Yes, dear friend, muffin liners are essential and so is the fabulous recipe needed to fill them.


Taylor and Cami Weight said...

so cute! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to enjoy fun things like that ;)

julie said...

I've made that muffin recipe before and they are delicious!!! I'm jealous of the lucky ladies who get to eat them.

Your kids are adorable. I can't wait until my little girl is old enough to enjoy that!