Friday, October 28, 2011

carving memories

It's a few minutes before seven. Your head is still planted to your pillow as you notice that a light in the hall has just been turned on. In an attempt to rebel against the impending wake up call, you nestle deeper under the covers. It takes a moment before you realize that your oldest child has just been to the bathroom. A wave of gratitude runs through as you realize that for the first time ever, you are thrilled that she is inexplicably incapable of flushing toilets; a trait that frustrates you on a regular basis. The noise of which would have certainly alerted the younger two children. Bless her for being independent enough to handle this task on her own. As the light switches off, you hear her quietly return to her bedroom. The sun that is slow to rise this time of year has proven to be an ally as she clearly has no idea what time it is.

Knowing that the start of your day is around the corner, you do your best to enjoy the spare minutes of quiet. Sleep is the fuel you need to combat the sickness your children have so generously shared with one another. Each morning you wake, wondering if you're its next victim or if you're strong enough to avoid it. As your thoughts continue to race, you've accepted that your totally awake now; even though your body appears to be asleep.

With a house full of sick children (two on the mend, one in the thick of it), the day promises to be tiring, repetitive and at times demanding. But you know, if you're lucky, you can squeeze in a moment of fun in between the moments of crazy.

"Who are you calling crazy?"

For all the begging and pleading that was done that we carve pumpkins THAT NIGHT (according to Eliza, the urgency of the activity was a matter of life and death!), I found it humorous that the only one courageous enough to play with the pumpkin guts was Lottie. She thought it was fabulous. But you don't have to take my word for it!

I love these kids... boogers and all.

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rachel garber said...

That last picture is a keeper for sure. And I love Eliza's inability to flush the toilet - everybody has such different quirks :)