Monday, October 24, 2011

Coughing, congestion and chills... oh my!

Five minutes after finishing the thought, 
"Wow. We've been really lucky. It's been a long time since anyone's been sick." your husband's on his way to the store to pick up another bottle of children's tylenol while you stay behind to rummage through the medicine cabinet in search of the vicks vapor rub. The humidifier, that's been designed to look like a frog, has magically reappeared. It doesn't take long to realize its been inoperative since 2008. The humid south prevented such a need from occurring. In an effort to bring the frog back to life, Andrew works hard to scrub it clean. Preparing to set it up in his already slumbering child's bedroom, he muses:

"Eliza will wake up and wonder what on earth this is."

Autumn has arrived and with its brilliant beauty, comes seasonal illness. Germs are quietly shared with the passing of crayon boxes and glue bottles. Despite a teacher's best efforts, homework won't be the only thing sent home with each child. My bet is that it's the Mother who first notices the arrival of the unwanted uglies. The eyes of her child aren't shinning. Complaints of being cold, unexplained grumpiness and finally a warm forehead confirm that a storm is on its way. Preparations for comfort and sanitation begin on the home front. As the night approaches, you shift into your own Mother as you quietly repeat her words with tenderness,

"Sleep is the best medicine. Try your best to rest. Close your eyes darling." The two of you, patient and caretaker, cringe in unison with each coughing spell. Offering your hand, you caress their skin. You hope that your touch communicates your sympathy along with your desire for them to be well. Together, you wait. Both sets of eyes are heavy; one with worry, the other with exhaustion.

And thus it is at the Flegal home. The children have been fevered, off and on, since Thursday. Accompanying said fever is a nasty cough. Lottie is the last to come down with the illness. It would seem that our warnings to,

"Stay away from the baby!" weren't enough to keep her well. Our weekend has proven to be low key which is okay as my children have fallen under the spell of the Wizard of Oz. Aside from being ill, the calm break in our busy routine has been welcome. Here's hoping they bounce back in time to enjoy the remaining festivities of the season. I hate to see them sick.


*Jess* said...

feel better soon, Flegal kiddies! We are all sick here, too :(

jamie t. said...

We've been sick too... and trying to avoid the baby... he woke up coughing this morning. darn.